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Amanda specialises in empirically grounded, theoretically informed, cross-disciplinary approaches to law, in particular to the econo-legal. She has qualifications in law, economics and visual communication. She blogs at, tweets @aperrykessaris and publishes videos on Vimeo.

Her current research focuses primarily on the application of 'design thinking’ (such as user interaction and prototyping) and design outcomes (such as images, sound and typography) in processes of econo-legal change. For example, an SLSA Research Grant is funding her current research into the use of graphic design in the negotiations over the possible reunification of Cyprus; in 2014 she held an online show, ‘What can graphic design reveal about law?' of 14 original designs communicating a perception or expectation of law; and she has been running Legal Treasure Tours since 2012.

In 2015 she won the SLSA Article Prize for 'The Case for a Visualized Economic Sociology of Legal Development’, in which she explored the implications of approaching what is often termed 'law and development’ (that is, the role of legal phenomena as means, ends, obstacles or irrelevances to human welfare) as 'econo-socio-legal development’; in particular using visual techniques. That work was influenced by ongoing collaborations with Diamond Ashiagbor, Prabha Kotiswaran and others to develop an Economic Sociology of Law, resulting in events and publications such as Towards an Economic Sociology of Law (Wiley-Blackwell 2013), with financial support from the Journal of Law and Society. It was also underpinned by a British Academy Research Development Award-funded investigation into the impact of economic approaches (analytical, normative and empirical) on the field of law and development, focusing in particular on the rise of legal indicators.

She has extensive experience in empirical research. For example, her book Global Business, Local Law (2008) explored the role of the Indian legal system as a mediator of relations between government, civil society and foreign investment actors (funded by a Leverhulme Trust Fellowship and an SLSA Research Grant); building on earlier empirical research into foreign investment in Sri Lanka (Legal systems as a determinant of foreign direct investment: Lessons from Sri Lanka 2001), and on research into environmental justice in Bangalore/Bengaluru (funded by the ESRC and Ford Foundation 1995). 

She also maintains an interest in quantitative research which began with her 2004 SLSA Article Prize winning piece ‘Finding and facing facts about legal systems and FDI in South Asia’, and most recently led her to train in data visualisation techniques.

Amanda joined Kent in 2013, having previously held posts at SOAS, Birkbeck and Queen Mary colleges in London, and the Universities of Dundee and Sussex. 

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Headline Publication

Perry-Kessaris, A. (2014). The Case for a Visualized Economic Sociology of Legal Development. Current Legal Problems

Publications in SSRN

Amanda Perry-Kessaris on SSRN


Also view these in the Kent Academic Repository

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Book section
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Show / exhibition
Perry-Kessaris, A. (2014). 'What can graphic design reveal about law?'. [Video]. Available at:
Visual media
Perry-Kessaris, A. (2017). Sociolegal model making 6: Placeholding. [Online video]. Available at:
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Perry-Kessaris, A. (2016). Sociolegal model making 2: Analysis. [online film]. Available at:
Perry-Kessaris, A. (2016). Sociolegal model making 4: Discussion. [Online video]. Available at:
Perry-Kessaris, A. (2016). Sociolegal model making 1: Decision. [Online video]. Available at:
Perry-Kessaris, A. (2016). STANDARD. [Video]. Available at:
Perry-Kessaris, A. and Lee, S. (2015). Excited but nervous. [audio]. Available at:
Edited book
Ashiagbor, D., Kotiswaran, P. and Perry-Kessaris, A. eds. (2013). Towards an Economic Sociology of Law. . Wiley.
Perry-Kessaris, A. ed. (2012). Socio-legal Approaches to International Economic Law: Text, context, subtext. London: Routledge.
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Hatchard, J. and Perry-Kessaris, A. eds. (2003). Law and Development in the 21st Century: Facing complexity in the 21st Century. London: Routledge:Cavendish.
Total publications in KAR: 42 [See all in KAR]
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Teaching and Supervision

Teaching Interests:

Postgraduate modules

  • Law and Development (LW885)
  • The International Law on Foreign Investment (LW81
  • Research Methods Module II


Amanda is happy to supervise research that takes sociologically, economically, ethnographically and/or visually attuned approaches to economic activity.

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Other Academic Activities

Social media
Twitter @aperrykessaris
Video portfolio at Vimeo

Legal Treasure Project which builds on the premise that objects (manuscripts, photographs, maps, audio-visual material, rare books, ephemera, works of art and so on) can serve to generate, focus, evidence, illustrate and share legal ideas; as well as enabling questioning of the nature, mechanics, and social and political implications of the history of law and law generally.
Law and Development: Thinking into | about practice in which academics and practitioners to use images and text to reflect upon their experience in the field of law and development. 

Amanda is a member of the Folke Bernadotte Academy Research Working Group on the Rule of Law, and of the Legal Information Design Network; and is co-founder and member of the SOAS Economic Sociology of Law Reading Group. She has previously acted as Executive Committee Member (2007-2013) and Secretary (2010-2013) of the Socio-Legal Studies Association.
At the University of Kent, Amanda is the KLS liaison for Kent Counts, part of the Nuffield Foundation’s Q-Step programme, which seeks to ‘tackle the perceived difficulty and irrelevance of statistics head on’.

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