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Broadly speaking, Rose's work concerns the relationship between law, history and art. She is particularly interested in the concept of legal personality (or legal subjectivity) and its role in the distribution of wealth, power and pleasure within states and across the global legal order. Her current research project aims to put pressure on the taken-for-granted opposition between fascism and international law.  Her book, The Process of International Legal Reproduction: Subjectivity, Historiography, Law, Violence, will be published by Cambridge University Press in 2018.

Rose received her doctorate in 2011 from the SOAS Law School (University of London). She is has been a faculty member at the Institute for Global Law and Policy (Harvard Law School) since 2011 and has taught or continues to teach at several other institutions including the American University in Cairo, Helsinki Law School, the London School of Economics, SOAS, Los Andes University and Melbourne Law School.

She is the director of the Constellations seminar series on methodology and interdisciplinarity; the co-director (with Luis Eslava) of a collaborative research network on International Law and Politics at the (US) Law and Society Association; and an active member of the HAAIL (History, Anthropology and the Archive of International Law) and After Self-Determination projects.

Rose’s areas of teaching, research and supervision interests include: critical legal studies; international criminal law; international economic law; international law in the Middle East; international relations; international trade law; law and development; legal history; legal theory; postcolonial studies; property law; public international law; public law; social theory; TWAIL (third world approaches to international law).

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