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Ruth’s research interests lie primarily in law and political economy, with particular interests in mental health, cultural studies/literature, and parenting culture.
Her publications cover a wide range of topics from post-separation parenting to law and literature, social reproduction and maternal mental health, but she is now focusing primarily on the governance and measurement of health and illness in neoliberalism, particularly mental health. She is also trying to finish a monograph on the phenomenon of ‘elite’ mothering in neoliberal economies.

Ruth lectures in mental health law, family law, and law and literature, film and culture


BA Classics (Oxford), Common Professional Examination and Legal Practice Course (College of Law), MA Gender, Culture, Politics (Birkbeck), PhD (Birkbeck)

Ruth's research areas are: Medical Ethics and Law, Mental Health Law, Family Law, Law, Literature and Popular Culture and Law and Psychoanalysis.

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Book section
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Conference or workshop item
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Internet publication
Cain, R. (2013). The Philpott Trial, Welfare Reform and the Facialisation of Poverty [Website]. Available at:
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Cain, R. (2013). Fatemeh Ebtehaj, Jonathan Herring, Martin H Johnson and Martin Richards (eds): Birth Rites and Rights. Feminist Legal Studies [Online] 22:101-104. Available at:
Total publications in KAR: 30 [See all in KAR]
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Teaching and Supervision


Ruth is responsible for teaching the following at undergraduate and postgraduate level:

  • Family Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Medical Law and Ethics 
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