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LLB, UAM, Madrid (1999);  LLM, Queen Mary, University of London (2002) [Herchel Smith Award and Sir Roy Goode Prize]; PhD, Birkbeck College, University of London (2009)


Major interests: Intellectual property law; legal theory; Evidence and legal history.

Jose is particularly interested in the history of intellectual property law. He is the Spanish national editor to the digital archive (together with Professor Xalabarder from the Universidad Oberta Catalunya (UOC) and Professor Casas Valles from the Universitat de Barcelona). This is a major reference work of primary sources on copyright from the invention of the printing press (c.1450) to the Berne Convention (1886) and beyond, which can be accessed at Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds L. Bently & M. Kretschmer.

He is also involved in the following funded projects:

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Conference or workshop item
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Bellido, J. (2012). Learning Spaces- the Courtroom.
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Teaching and Supervision


LW801 Intellectual Property (Postgraduate)
LW556 Intellectual Property (Undergraduate) 
LW316 Foundations of Property (Undergraduate)


Jose is happy to supervise research students in the areas of intellectual property law, breach of confidence and defamation.

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Other Academic Activities

Appointments and other Activities

2017-2021. Member of the Governing Board, ISHTIP- International Society for the History and Theory of Intellectual Property.
2017. The Strong Museum of Play (Rochester, New York). Visiting Fellow.
2016. Visiting Fellow, University of New South Wales (Sydney, Australia).
2016-  Reviewer for SNSF (Swiss National Science Foundation)
2014-  Member of the Newton Fund - Social Sciences Panel (British Council)
2014-  Assessor for ANEP (agencia nacional de evaluación y prospectiva), Spain ? Ramón y Cajal and Juan de la Cierva grants-  (declined)
2013-  “Virtual Museum- Intellectual Property”- Cambridge University (2013) at CIPL [curator with Lionel Bently and Gaenor Moore]
2012-   Assessor for the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) fund applications in Law (Spain, Ministry of Science)

External Funding and Awards

2017-2022. European Research Council (ERC) Advanced Grant (‘Patents as Scientific Information 1895-2020’); project leader Prof. Hemmungs-Wirten from Linkoeping University.
2016-2017. AHRC- Create- University of Glasgow, Research Grant (‘Oral History of Intellectual Property’) [with Prof Lionel Bently, University of Cambridge).
2013-2015  AHRC- Evolution in music publishing: economic strategies, business models and copyrights [co-investigator] [with Professor Towse (Bournemouth), Professor Macmillan (Birkbeck) and Professor Borghi (Bournemouth)
2014-  Swiss National Science Foundation and Birkbeck School of Law- Conference funding: Evaluations: Cases, Experiments and Models as tools of appropriations and Valuation (University of Lucerne, June 2014) [co-organiser with Hyo Kang]
2014- Birkbeck Institute of Humanities, Conference Funding- críticas: Argentinean Legal Theory in the Twenty First Century [co-organiser with Hannah Franzki]
2010-2012- ALAI-ALADDA, UOC (Barcelona, Spain)- Research funding: Primary Sources of Copyright (Spain)
2010- 1st Prize- Fundacion Arte y Derecho- Best publication on Art & Law- Madrid- Artistic Evidence & Copyright [with Gomez and Arroyo]
2004- Stipendiat, Max-Planck-Institut für Geistiges Eigentum, Munich (Germany)
2003-2006- Ronnie Warrington Scholarship, Birkbeck College, University of London
2003-T he Arts & Humanities Research Board, Award, United Kingdom
2002- Sir Roy Goode Prize for outstanding academic achievement, QM, University of London
2001-2002- Herchel Smith Scholarship, CCLS, Queen Mary, University of London
1999- Socrates Scholarship, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Spain (Fellowship)

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