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Law degree, University of Bari, Italy (1998) PhD, Birkbeck College, University of London (2007)

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Book section
Alessandrini, D. (2014). Financial Derivatives and the Challenge of Performation: Where Contingency Meets Contestability. in: Cloatre, E. and Pickersgill, M. eds. Knowledge, Technology and Law: at the Intersection of Socio-Legal and Science and Technology Studies. Routledge.
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Research Interests

Donatella’s research lies at the intersection of law and political economy, with a particular interest in development studies, critical trade and development literature, feminist political economy and political theory. Her earlier work has focused on the political economy of ‘development’ in multilateral trading relations, with an emphasis on the World Trade Organisation. She is currently working on two projects. With Suhraiya Jivraj, she is looking at the importance that Well Being and Happiness (WBH) initiatives have acquired in intern/national policy making, especially since the 2008 economic crisis; and she has a particular interest in interrogating the normative force and appeal that is increasingly ascribed to WBH discourse in development thinking and policies. The second project is concerned with exploring contemporary approaches to conceptual and normative understandings of the production of value in today’s financialised economies, and with imagining the possibility of institutional arrangements able to affect current value-making processes. For more information on her current work on value, click here.

Research Interests:
Law and Political Economy; Development Studies, International Trade Theory and Practice, Critical and Feminist Political Economy

Research Areas: Critical Commercial Law and Business Law and Regulation; Law Politics and Culture; Law and Political Economy; Gender and Sexuality

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Teaching and Supervision

Postgraduate modules

  • Law and Development (LW885)
  • The International Law on Foreign Investment (LW810)
  • World Trade Organisation Law and Practice (LW847)
  • International Trade Law and the Environment (LW841)


Donatella is happy to supervise research projects on Trade and Development, Critical Development Studies, Neo-liberalism and International Political Economy.

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Other Academic Activities

Editorial Work

Professional Societies

  • International Association of Feminist Economics
  • Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics
  • Society of Legal Scholars


  • Director of the International Commercial Law LLM Programme
  • Co-Director of Graduate Studies (Research)
  • Co-Director of the Social Critiques of Law Centre (SoCriL)
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