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Professor Anneli Albi joined Kent Law School in 2003, having been a doctoral researcher at the European University Institute in Florence (1999-2003). She obtained her undergraduate law degree and a diploma in political science from the University of Tartu, Estonia.

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Kent Law School, N3.W5, Eliot College, University of Kent at Canterbury, Kent, CT27NS

Study Leave until 2017

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Albi, A. (2015). Erosion of Constitutional Rights in EU Law : A Call for 'Substantive Co-operative Constitutionalism' Part 2. Vienna Journal of International Constitutional Law [Online] 9:291-343. Available at:
Albi, A. (2015). Erosion of Constitutional Rights in EU Law: A Call for 'Substantive Co-operative Constitutionalism' Part 1. Vienna Journal of International Constitutional Law (ICL Journal) 9:151-185.
Albi, A. (2010). From the Banana saga to a Sugar Saga and Beyond: Could the Post-communist Constitutional Courts Teach the EU a Lesson in the Rule of Law? Common Market Law Review 47:791-829.
Albi, A. (2009). Ironies in human rights protection in the EU: pre-accession conditionality and post-accession conundrums. European Law Journal [Online] 15:46-69. Available at:
Albi, A. (2009). The EU's "external governance" and legislative approximation by neighbours: Challenges for the classic constitutional templates. European Foreign Affairs Review 14:209-230.
Albi, A. (2007). Selected EU-Judgements of CEE Constitutional Courts: Lessons on How (not) to Ammend the Constitutions? Croatian Yearbook of European Law [Online] 3:39-58. Available at:
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Book section
Albi, A. (2016). The European Arrest Warrant, constitutional rights and changing legal thinking: values once recognised lost in transition. in: Fletcher, M., Herlin-Karnell, E. and Matera, C. eds. The European Union as an Area of Freedom, Security and Justice. Routledge. Available at:
Albi, A. (2016). The European Arrest Warrant, constitutional rights and the changing legal thinking: values once recognised lost in transition to the EU level? in: Fletcher, M., Herlin-Karnell, E. and Matera, C. eds. The European Union as an Area of Freedom, Security and Justice. Abingdon, Oxfordshire: Routledge, pp. 137-175. Available at:
Albi, A. (2012). An essay on how the discourse on sovereignty and the co-operativeness of national courts has diverted attention from the erosion of classic constitutional rights in the EU. in: Claes, M. et al. eds. Constitutional Conversations in Europe: Actors, Topics and Procedures. Intersentia, pp. 41-70.
Albi, A. (2012). Member State Constitutions in the European Union. in: Burgess, M. and Tarr, A. eds. Constitutional Dynamics In Federal Systems: Sub-National Perspectives. McGill University Press, pp. 257-279. Available at:
Albi, A. (2011). On secret legislation, blanket data recording, arrest warrants and property rights: Questions on the rule of law and judicial review in the EU in the light of post-communist constitutions. in: Popelier, P., van de Heyning, C. and van Nuffel, P. eds. Human Rights Protection in the European Legal Order: The Interaction between the European and National Courts. Cambridge, UK: Intersentia.
Albi, A. (2010). CEE Constitutional courts and EU law: Three contributions to the supremacy discourse. in: Tichý, L. and Dumbrovský, T. eds. Sovereignty and Integration: Paradoxes and Development within Europe Today. Charles Universtiy in Prague, pp. 123-146.
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Albi, A. (2009). National constitutions in the face of Europeanising and globalising governance: Falling behind times? in: Closa, C. ed. The Reform Treaty and national constitutions: towards further Europeanisation? RECON.
Albi, A. (2008). CEE constitutional courts and application of EU law: Constitutional rights versus supremacy? in: Hoffmann, M. ed. Europarecht und die Gerichte der transformationsstaaten. European Law and the Courts of the Transition Countries. NOMOS.
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Albi, A. and Bardutzky, S. eds. (2016). The Role of National Constitutions in European and Global Governance. [Online]. T.M.C. Asser Press. Available at:
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Research Interests

Major Interests

Comparative constitutional law
EU constitutional law
EU enlargements
European Neighbourhood Policy

Major Research Projects

In 2006 Professor Albi completed the European Commission and British Academy funded project 'The European Constitution and National Constitutions', in the framework of which an international conference was organised in Tallinn in November 2005.

As of January 2012, Professor Albi will be on study leave to work on the research project 'The Role and Future of National Constitutions in European and Global Governance'. She was awarded a five-year grant of 1.2 million EUR by the European Research Council, in the framework of the Independent Starting Grant Scheme. For a news release on the grant:

For an interview in Estonian, see:

Some examples of Prof Albi's media appearances are here.

Research Areas: European and Comparative Law

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Undergraduate modules

The Law of the European Union (LW593)

Postgraduate modules

EU Constitutional and Institutional Law (LW815)

Foundations of EU Common Market and Economic Law (LW858)

Previously taught modules

Competition Law of the EU (LW826)

Free Movement of Persons in the EU (LW832)


Professor Albi welcomes supervision in the field of EU law and comparative constitutional law

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Other Academic Activities

Professional Societies

  • Member of the University Association for Contemporary European Studies (UACES)
  • Member of the United Kingdom Association of European Law (UKAEL)
  • Member of the Constitutional Law Group (UK branch of the International Association of Constitutional Law)

External Appointments

  • Member of the European Constitutional Law Network, directed by Prof. Ingolf Pernice, Berlin Humboldt University (since 2015)
  • Member of the University of Salzburg and Austrian European Community Studies Association (ECSA) research project ‘Member States’ Constitutions and EU Integration’, directed by Professor Stefan Griller (2012-2016)
  • Expert in the European Commission's Gender Equality Network (2004-2011).
  • Member of the External Advisory Board of the Yearbook of Polish European Studies
  • Member of the Honorary Scientific Board of the Romanian Review of International Law.
  • Member of the Advisory Board of the Turkish Academy of Justice law journals "Law and Justice Review" and "Human Rights Review"
  • Lectured in EU law training seminars in South-East European countries in the framework of the Netherlands Foreign Ministry funded MATRA Programme of the T.M.C. Asser Institute; the General Rapporteur of the same programme (2003-2005).
  • Professor Albi has also served as an ad hoc expert to the Supreme Court of Estonia, Chancellor of Justice of Estonia, and provided evidence at briefing seminars on the Baltic states at the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
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Invited Presentations

  • ESIL (European Society of International Law) 12th Annual Conference ‘How International Law Works in Times of Crisis’, Riga Graduate School of Law, forthcoming 08.-09.09.2016.
  • Free University Amsterdam, seminar ‘Legal culture and the relations between legal systems’, 12.11.2015.
  • University of Copenhagen, workshop ‘The European Court of Justice, the European Central Bank and the Supremacy of EU Law’, 17-18.09.2015
  • Berlin Humboldt University, lecture at Research Group ‘Multi-level Constitutionalism’, 04.02.2015
  • Free University Amsterdam, interdisciplinary workshop ‘Towards a Grammar of Justice in EU Law’, 06.-07.11.2014;
  • Estonian Lawyers Congress, keynote speech, Tartu, 02-03.10.2014;
  • Austrian European Community Studies Association Research Network ‘Member States’ Constitutions and EU Integration’, workshop at the University of Maastricht, 05.-06.06.2014
  • University of Sussex, European Institute, research in progress seminar, 05.02.2014
  • Ius Commune Conference, stream ‘Constitutional Avenues for Further European Integration’, University of Maastricht, 29.11.2013
  • University of Geneva, workshop ‘Europeanisation of public powers’, 31.05.2013
  • Keynote speech at the University of Turku (Finland) workshop ‘Constitutional Identity’, 16-17.04.2013
  • University of Maastricht, European and National Constitutional Law Project (EUNACON) Closing conference, 20-22.02.2013
  • University of Vilnius, Conference 'The European Union after the Lisbon Treaty and Challenges to Lithuania', 9.12.2011.
  • University of Swansea, BASEES study group on Baltic States, annual symposium, 9.05.2011
  • University of Antwerpen and University of Maastricht workshop 'Constitutional Conversations in Europe – Actors, Topics and Procedures', Antwerpen, 31.01.-01.04.2011
  • Keynote speech at the Helsinki University Conference "Rethinking Legal Thinking"; 26-28.08.2010, Centre of Excellence in Foundations of European Law
  • University of Surrey, guest presentation at the staff and postgraduate seminar, 10.03.2010
  • Keynote concluding speech at the UACES and BASEES workshop "Central and Eastern Europe and the European Union Court System"; Centre for the Study of International Governance, University of Loughborough, 14.11.2009
  • Prague Charles University, conference "Sovereignty and competences of the European Union"; 28.-29.05.2009
  • Central European University and UACES conference", Enlargement - Five Years After: The State of European Integration and New Challenges for the Discipline"; invited presentation at the first plenary session, 08.-09.05.2009
  • University of Leuven, guest lecture to postgraduate students, 29.04.2009
  • University of Cardiff, guest presentation at the Jean Monnet staff seminar series, 23.04.2009
  • Series of lectures in Canada on 25-27.03.2009, including the Annual EU Law Lecture by a Distinguished Scholar at the joint EU Centre of Excellence at Carleton University and University of Ottawa. Other guest lectures were delivered at the University of Montreal and McGill University.
  • University of Utrecht, workshop "Challenges for New Member States: Discussion from a National Perspective", 08.12.2008
  • Riga Graduate School of Law, EU RECON project conference "European Integration Challenges and Visions from the Baltic Perspective", 20-21.11.2008
  • SIPE (Society of European Public Law) Congress ", Migration and Integration in Europe", Parliament of Andalucia, Sevilla, 05-07.06.2008
  • Rutgers University and Kent Centre for Federal Studies workshop Federal and Sub-national Constitutions, Chilston Park, Kent, 01.04.-05.04.200
  • Centre for Political and Constitutional Studies of the Spanish Ministry of Presidency, workshop "The Reform Treaty and national constitutions: towards further Europeanisation?", Madrid, 25-26.01.2008.
  • University of Oslo, Workshop of the Department of Public and International Law, 06.-07.12.2007.
  • University of Giessen workshop "European Law and the Courts of the Transition Countries", 22.-23.11.2007, Giessen, Germany.
  • University of Oxford, Institute for European and Comparative Law, guest presentation at staff and postgraduate research seminar, 14.11.2007.
  • University of Tartu conference "Transforming sovereignties: The concept of sovereignty in the context of power and law", 28.-29.09.2007, Tartu, Estonia.
  • University of Regensburg conference ", EU New Neighbourhood Policy as an instrument of transformation, approximation and integration -; the example of Ukraine", Regensburg, 27-28.06.2007.
  • University of Saarland and Volkswagen Foundation conference "Legitimacy in Europe", Prague, 28-29.06.2007.
  • University of Oldenburg conference " Multidimensional Equality Law - Developing Interdisciplinary Perspectives", Oldenburg, 11-12.05.2007 (as an invited chair of a panel).
  • University of Zagreb Jean Monnet conference "Constitutional Implications of EU Membership", Zagreb, 20-21.04.2007.
  • The Swedish Network for European Legal Studies conference "The General Principles of European Community Law", Stockholm, 23-25.03.2007.
  • University of Sevilla Conference "75 Years of Female Suffrage in Spain", Parliament of Andalusia, Sevilla, 03-06.10.2006.
  • University of Hanover workshop "Integration or Absorption? Legal discourses in the enlarged Union", Hanover, 28-30.09.2006.
  • Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Legal Studies workshop "The Recent Developments and the Future of the European Union", Jurata/Gdansk, 18-24.06.2006.
  • University of Latvia Jean Monnet Conference ";Beyond EU Enlargement: Responding to Challenges";, Riga, 20-22.04.2006.
  • Conference "Sovereignty in the 21st Century", organised by the research group "Sovereignty and its Discontents (SAID)", University of Oxford, Department of International Relations, 29.10.2005.
  • University of Regensburg, conference "The Future of the European Union: a Constitutional Union or a Confederation of States?", Regensburg, 01-02.07.2005.
  • European University Institute conference "Apres Enlargement: Taking Stock of the Immediate Legal and Political Responses to the Accession of Central and Eastern European States to the EU", Florence, 29-30.04.2005.
  • Constitutional Court of Turkey, Symposium for the 43rd Anniversary of the Constitutional Court, "Harmonisation of the Turkish Constitution with the European Constitution", Ankara, 28.04.2005.
  • Woodrow Wilson Centre in Washington, East European Studies section, conference "The Evolution of the Nation State: International Organizations and Domestic Change";, Dubrovnik, Croatia, 08-10.04.2005.
  • Asser Institute, Round table ";Quality of Legislation in the Enlarged EU";, The Hague, 04.03.2005.
  • UACES Specialist Group workshop "Europeanization of Central and Eastern Europe", London School of Economics, 26.02.2005.
  • Guest lecture to post-graduate students at the University of Regensburg, 13.12.2004.
  • T.M.C. Asser Institute conference ";The Hopes and Fears of New Member States and (Pre)candidate Countries. Views on the EU Constitution", The Hague, 13-16.10.2004.
  • Madrid Universidad Carlos-III, European University Institute and University of Verona joint conference "The National Constitutional Reflection of European Union Constitutional Reform", 06-07.09.2004.
  • Regensburg University and Bayern Constitutional Court";s VI International Congress ";European Constitutional Law Developments after the Enlargement", 10-12.06.2004.
  • Queen's University Belfast, ESRC workshop on EU enlargement, Belfast, 12.05.2004.
  • Guest lecture to post-graduate students in the Asser College Europe, 04.03.2004.
  • Regensburg University and Bayern Constitutional Court's V International Congress "Developments in European Constitutional Law in 21st Century. Europeanisation, Convergence of Principles and Global Transfer", Regensburg, 20-21.06.2003.
  • EUI conference "Europeanisation of Constitutional Law in the Light of the Constitutional Treaty for the Union,", Florence, 9-11.05.2003.
  • College of Europe-Natolin conference "Enlargement and the European Constitutional Process", Warsaw, 31.01-01.02.2003.
  • EUI Robert Schuman Centre workshop "Sovereignty and Enlargement", Florence, 27.05.2002.
  • EUI Robert Schuman Centre's Convention Working Group, workshop "The European Constitutional Debate and Enlargement", Florence, 23.04.2002.
  • Gothenburg University, workshop "The Process of Estonia's Integration into the Western Economic System - International Legal Issues", Sweden, November 2001.
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