Portrait of Dr Stephen Pethick

Dr Stephen Pethick

Teaching Excellence Framework Co-ordinator
Academic Advisor
Graduate Research Supervisor
Module Convenor


Stephen has the following qualifications: LLB Hons, Dip.L.P, D.Phil, PGCHE. 

He is a graduate of the University of Edinburgh (LLB Hons; Diploma in Legal Practice), the University of Oxford (DPhil) and the University of Kent (PGCHE).
Stephen convenes and teaches on the LLB undergraduate modules LW313 (A Critical Introduction to Law), LW540 (The Philosophy of Law) and LW589 (The Skills of Argument – How to Argue and Win). All these are linked to his research interests in jurisprudence.
Stephen is a member of the University of Kent’s Centre for Reasoning, the University of London’s Centre for Oratory and Rhetoric, and of the Higher Education Academy.

Research interests

Stephen is interested in analytic philosophy of law, philosophy of language, theory of concepts and word meaning. His focus lies chiefly on the concept of coherence. Stephen is also interested in epistemology and has further interests in legal history (The Nuremberg War Crimes Trials; Francis Bacon) and in argument (logic and rhetoric).  


Stephen's undergraduate teaching responsibilities span across A Critical Introduction to Law, the Philosophy of Law and The Skills of Argument.


Stephen is happy to supervise in analytic philosophy of law, and in the area of philosophy of language and law in particular.

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