Dr Donal Casey awarded £7.7k for research into role of test houses in gambling regulation

Kent Law School Lecturer Dr Donal Casey has been awarded close to £7,700 for a pilot study on the role of test houses in gambling regulation.

Dr Casey secured almost £5,000 from Kent’s Social Sciences Faculty Research Fund and £2,700 from the Socio-Legal Studies Association (SLSA) Research Grants Scheme for his project ‘The Glue that Keeps Compliance Stuck together: the Role of Test Houses in Online Gambling Regulation’.

The money will fund a pilot study which will entail interviews with test house employees, regulators and operators in England, Wales and Gibraltar.

Between 2015 and 2017, Dr Casey was a co-investigator in The Bingo Project, a research project funded by a £0.5m grant from the Economic and Social Research Council that explored bingo regulation around the world.

In 2018, Dr Casey was a guest editor for a special issue of the Journal of Law and Social Policy. The special volume – Volume 30 – comprised 13 articles offering an interdisciplinary exploration of gambling regulation. The volume’s introductory article, ‘Keeping Chance in Its Place: The Socio-Legal Regulation of Gambling’ was co-authored by Dr Casey, Professor Kate Bedford (University of Birmingham) and Dr Alexandra Flynn (University of Toronto). Dr Casey’s article on ‘Risk, Charity, and Boundary Disputes: The Liberalisation and Commercialisation of Online Bingo in the European Union’ was also included in the volume. In it, he explores the diverse political-economic meaning attached to bingo and how this shapes the regulation of online bingo in EU Member States.

Dr Casey’s research examines transnational and non-state regulation. In particular, he is interested in how regulatory actors seek to legitimate their activities and how states and other actors govern through particular frameworks of risk. His research has also been published in Regulation & Governance, the European Law Journal, the Journal of Law and Society and the British Food Journal.

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