Portrait of Tuan Yu

Tuan Yu

Lecturer in Organisational Management and E-commerce


Tuan Leng Yu joined Kent Business School in 2000 and is Lecturer in Organisational Management and E-Commerce.
Tuan is currently Chief Examiner for the MBA and MSc International Business, HRM and Marketing programmes and was previously the Director of Studies, BBA, BBA(Marketing), BA (International Business) as well as Senior Academic Adviser. 

Research interests

The challenges of digital transformation, innovative technology organisation and management, technology and people.


  • Mathematics and Statistics for Accounting and Finance (Undergraduate)
  • Introduction to Statistics for Business (Undergraduate)
  • Business Analysis Tools (Undergraduate)
  • Business Ethics (Undergraduate)
  • Structure and Organisation of the E-Commerce Enterprise (Postgraduate) 


  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Member of the Chartered Management Institute  



  • Meyer, M., Debackere, K., Grant, K., Kuusisto, J., Kume, O. and Yu, T. (2019). Universities, User-Driven Competence Centres And Intellectual Property. les Nouvelles Volume LIV Number 2 [Online] LIV:61-172. Available at: http://www.lesi.org/les-nouvelles/les-nouvelles-online/june-2019.
    This paper explores how university-based research is utilised via user driven competence centres. Those centres are truly “Triple Helix born” since they bring together academic and business research(ers) in structures co-funded with public money with the explicit mission engage in user driven Triple Helix activities. It more specifically looks at where challenges in terms of the management of intellectual property present themselves. Following a brief introduction of why the centres have emerged, we present an overview of their key features and draw on empirical examples to develop a better understanding of how they operate in practice. In the final section, intellectual property experiences of two of these centres are outlined. Potential solutions are discussed.
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