Gift Kugara

Research Student
 Gift Kugara



MSc Business Analytics( University of Kent), BA (Hons) Politics, Economics and Philosophy, Advanced Diploma In Data and Systems Analysis (Oxford University)

Research interests

Design of Effective Heuristics Search Algorithms for Big Data and Predictive Analytics with Applications to Sustainability

Gift studies Big Data and Predictive Analytics (BDPA) and how it could impact assessments of triple bottom line activity. He constructs statistical and machine learning tools to address problems associated with these questions. Ultimately, his main goal is to create and produce effective heuristic search algorithms based on data analysis to facilitate the development of sound environmental, social and economic policy to help stakeholders make informed decisions. His hope is that these algorithms will lead to planning and policy that is cost-effective. 

His previous research on huge datasets focused on the role of machine learning techniques in forecasting credit scores. Gift graduated from the University of Kent in 2017, Oxford University 2013 and likes chess, football, and politics.  



1st Supervisor's Research Group

Management Science 

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