Dr Kathy Kotiadis

Director of Graduate Studies (Research)


Dr Kathy Kotiadis is a Reader in Management Science/Operational Research and is an expert in developing quantitative and qualitative modelling approaches to support stakeholder engagement, primarily in Health Care.

Dr Kotiadis is the co-founder of PartiSim, which stands for Participatory Simulation, an approach to support stakeholder involvement in the discrete event simulation modelling process. She has held academic positions previously at Canterbury Christ Church Business School where she was the Director of Research and Knowledge Exchange. Prior to that she held Daphne Jackson Fellowship at the School of Computing (UoK) and was an Assistant Professor at the Warwick Business School.

Research Interests

Dr Kathy Kotiadis research interests revolve around the following key terms: discrete-event simulation; conceptual modelling; health care modelling; systems thinking; problem structuring methods; soft systems methodology; facilitation; multiparadigm multimethodology.

Dr Kotiadis is primarily interested in developing OR approaches that support the engagement of stakeholders in the modelling process. She is the recipient of the UK OR society K. D. Tocher medal (Journal of Simulation) 2007-8. She was awarded the prestigious Daphne Jackson (STEMM) Fellowship (2014). She was also awarded an Engineering and Physical Research Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) (UK) grant EP/E045871/1 in 2007.

She was rated outstanding reviewer in 2016 for EJOR (4 star ABS). Additionally she reviews for JORS (3 star ABS); Systems, Man and Cybernetics: Systems; Production Planning and Control; Journal of Simulation; Operational Research in Healthcare, Health Systems etc.


Dr Kotiadis has designed and taught modules at UG, PG and executive level education on Simulation, Statistics, the process of Operational Research, Problem Structuring Methods and Project Management.


Dr Kathy Kotiadis has supervised the following PhD students:

Stavrianna Dimitriou - The impact of prices on boundedly rational decision makers in supply chains (with Prof S Robinson). Oct 2010

Tom Monks - Comparing model reuse with model building: an empirical study of learning from simulation (with Prof S Robinson). Apr 2011

She has also successfully supervised a large number of postgraduate students in their MBA and Master's dissertations.

Dr Kotiadis welcomes applications in the areas of simulation modelling, developing facilitated OR approaches and health care modelling.


Dr Kathy Kotiadis has undertaken research and consultancy projects in contexts such as health and social care as well as local government. She is a reviewer for RCUK and has been an EPSRC peer review college member since 2016. She is on the editorial board of the Journal of Simulation (since 2010).

Dr Kotiadis has been extensively involved in conference organisation. She was Programme Chair of the 2008 Operational Research Society 4th Simulation Workshop (SW08); Programme committee for SW10; SW12; SW14; SW16; SW18  and was the simulation stream co-organiser for OR59 for September 2017. Organised streams and presented research and at national and international conferences (e.g. IFORS, EURO (International) and WSC (USA), The UK Operational Research Society Conference) as well been invited speaker to institutions such as London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (2018), LSE, Southampton and the Department of Health.  She was the keynote Speaker for simulation stream at YOR20 in April 2017. Dr Kotiadis was the co-chair of the UK (OR society) simulation study group from 2006-2011 organising a number workshops/events. Dr Kotiadis is a member of the UK OR society.


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Book section

  • Kotiadis, K. (2017). Soft Systems Methodology. In: De Savigny, D., Blanchet, K. and Adam, T. eds. Applied Systems Thinking for Health Systems Research: A Methodological Handbook. Open University Press.
  • Kotiadis, K. and Mingers, J. (2014). Combining Problem Structuring Methods with Simulation: The Philosophical and Practical Xhallenges. In: Brailsford, S., Churilov, L. and Dangerfield, B. eds. Discrete Event Simulation and System Dynamics for Management Decision Making. Chichester: John Wiley, pp. 52-75.

Conference or workshop item

  • Tako, A. and Kotiadis, K. (2018). Participative Simulation (Partisim): A Facilitated Simulation Approach for Stakeholder Engagement. In: 2018 Winter Simulation Conference (WSC). IEEE, pp. 192-206. Available at: http://dx.doi.org/10.1109/WSC.2018.8632434.
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  • Kotiadis, K. and Tako, A. (2016). A Facilitation Workshop for the Implementation Stage: A Case Study in health care. In: 8th Simulation Workshop. pp. 165-174.
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