Information for external NMH providers

If you are an external provider of NMH support for a student at the University of Kent you should familiarise yourself with the below information, which will ensure effective and safe working practices with our students.

Access for note taking/support worker support: 
Access to classrooms and other University locations will be dependent on the campus where you are supporting students. At all campuses you will need to arrange to meet with your student prior to the start of the session at an agreed location. 

1-1 bookable confidential space: 
External providers need to liaise with their students in order for their students to book 1-1 rooms on campus. Providers can hire a room on campus; costs and information available from (Canterbury) or (Medway). Alternatively, at Canterbury, the Canterbury Innovation Centre has bookable rooms, more information at

Canterbury – Pay & Display visitor parking available on campus (  
Medway, including Dockyard – contact Medway Parking team for information (   

Feedback from provider:

To be sent via e-mail on a termly basis to 

Student Complaints Procedure: 
University of Kent Student Complaints Procedure 

Lone Working Policy: 
University of Kent Lone Working Policy 

Data protection: 
University of Kent Data Protection Policy 

Health & Safety: 

  • You are required to inform us via of your intention to be on campus providing support. 
  • Ensure you have visible formal ID at all times when on campus. 
  • Make yourself known to relevant lecturers, if providing classroom based support. 
  • Familiarise yourself with fire procedures for the building (as displayed on building fire notices). 
  • In the event of a fire alarm activation you must leave the building as directed. 
  • In the event of an accident or emergency report immediately to campus Security / Reception staff). 
  • Cooperate as necessary with University staff and follow all instructions given. 
  • Respect all safety signage and follow relevant procedures and direction given. 
  • If in doubt or you have any queries speak with Campus Security / Reception. 
  • Only enter areas that you are required to as part of your support work. Do not enter any workshops, laboratories or other similar hazardous areas unless specifically authorised by University staff and then only when supervision is in place and the appropriate safety clothing/equipment is being worn.
  • Beware of traffic and other moving vehicles and always use the designated walkways, paths and crossing areas. 
  • Providers should add the following contact numbers to their phone contacts in case required: 
  • Campus Security: 01227 823300 (3300 internal line) 
  • Emergencies: 01227 823333 (3333 internal line) 

External Providers: 
External providers must adhere to all QAF business processes and have in place the following policies/training and all other identified within the NMH registration process: 

  • Booking confirmation system – To be agreed between provider & student.
  • Cancellation procedure – To be agreed between provider & student. 
  • Timesheet/ confirmation/ absence process – To be agreed between provider & student. 
  • Complaints Procedure – Internal process of provider should be available to student and HEI. 
  • Lone Working Policy – Internal process of provider should be available to student and HEI.
  • Health & Safety – Internal process of provider should be available to student and HEI. 
  • Confidentiality – Internal process of provider should be available to student and HEI. 
  • Risk awareness – Internal process of provider should be available to student and HEI. 
  • Data protection – The provider must be registered under and adhere to the Data Protection Act. 
  • Insurance/ Register of Interests/ Staff training/ Queries – Must be in place and kept up to date by provider. 
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