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Funding for Students on Sandwich Years

If you are on a sandwich year, either a year abroad or a year in industry, the funding that you can receive from Student Finance England is different.

Year in Industry

If you take a year in industry as part of your course, either in the UK or overseas, you may still be entitled to some statutory support while you are away from the University, providing that it is a recognised element of your course.

Funding for living costs for students on paid placements

UK students will be able to apply for reduced rate Tuition Fee and Maintenance Loans only. The maximum reduced rate Maintenance Loan in 2018 is £2,635 (if living away from home) or £1,976 (if living in the parental home). EU students will only be able to apply for a reduced rate Tuition Fee Loan.

Funding for living costs for students on unpaid placements

There are some exceptions where students will continue to be eligible for the same funding package as in previous years (which may include Maintenance or Special Support Grant, Dependants' Allowances and Disabled Students' Allowances). Students will still be eligible for their full funding package if they are undertaking "unpaid service" in one of the following:

  • Unpaid service in a hospital or in a public health service laboratory or with a primary care trust
  • Unpaid service with a local authority relating to the care and or welfare of children / young persons or similar activities with a voluntary organisation
  • Unpaid service in the prison or probation and aftercare service
  • Unpaid research in a UK institution or, in the case of a student attending an overseas institution as a part of his course in an overseas institution
  • Unpaid service with a Health Authority in England or Wales or equivalent in Scotland or Northern Ireland

Other types of unpaid work placements will receive the reduced rates of tuition fee and maintenance loans as if it were a paid placement. It is a student's responsibility to ensure that they can live on what is available before accepting an unpaid placement.

University of Kent National Scholarship Programme (NSP) 2014 & Kent Financial Support Package (KFSP) 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018

Students in receipt of the University of Kent NSP 2014, KFSP 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018 will be eligible to receive the award during their placement year provided that they continue to meet the eligibility criteria.

Tuition Fees

Students on a year in industry, who started their course prior to September 2017, will pay tuition fees at a reduced rate of £865 in the academic year 2018/19. Students on a year in industry, who started their course in September 2017 or after, will pay tuition fees at a reduced rate of £1,385 in the academic year 2018/19.

Further Information

For further information on taking a year in industry, please contact your School's placement officer.

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