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Loyalty Discounts and Funding for Kent Graduates and their Families

The University of Kent values its graduates and alumni and is pleased to offer two special schemes to assist with the cost of study.

Students should decide which of the schemes below is more valuable to them but can then hold either

  • the Graduate School Scholarship
  • the Loyalty Discount in conjunction with other awards
Except where...
  • These awards offer a tuition fee reduction of 100% for the private element.
  • The student is sponsored and not paying their own tuition fees

For the purpose of these funding schemes the terms graduate and alumni are used to define former students who hold a University of Kent Bachelor´s, Master´s or Doctoral degree certificate. Loyalty discounts are also available to JYA/Erasmus/IFP/GDip and PDip programmes.

Loyalty Discount

The University of Kent is pleased to recognise the family and personal loyalty shown by registration on multiple degrees by siblings, children of alumni and spouses/civil partners studying together or alumni studying for additional degrees.

A discount of 10% of the first year´s tuition fee will be allowed on registration and payment of tuition fees, as set out below. There is a deadline with this discount application, for September starters they must email their application in by 31 December of their first academic year. For January starters they must email their application in by 31 March of their first academic year. Please note that if the student commences course part way through the year discount will only be given for the tuition fees for that particular academic year.

A student will only be eligible for one loyalty discount per level of study.

For full time students the 10% discount is received on their liable tuition fee amount to pay in year 1. For part time students the 10% discount is received on their liable tuition amount to pay for years 1 and 2. If the student is receiving any other discounts or scholarships (except the Graduate Scholarship) the 10% discount will be calculated on the liable amount to pay after these have been deducted.

Who is eligible?

  • A graduate of Kent (holding an undergraduate or postgraduate degree) who registers on a subsequent privately funded degree* programme at Kent. This includes students who have studied at one of our Partner colleges or overseas campuses.
  • A student progressing from the International Foundation Programme directly onto a degree course.
  • A student who has completed a degree and is continuing onto a postgraduate or graduate diploma (PDip/GDip).
  • A student who has completed their Architecture degree course at Kent and continues on to study the MArch qualification with us.
  • A student who has completed a JYA or Erasmus full term/semester at the University of Kent and registers on a privately funded postgraduate degree programme. (this only applies to direct applicants)
  • A second or subsequent sibling(s) (brother or sister) register(s) on a privately funded degree* programme at Kent. When second or subsequent sibling(s) register(s) on a privately funded degree* programme at Kent, evidence of the prior (or contemporaneous) sibling´s registration will qualify the second or subsequent sibling(s) to a discount of 10% of the first year´s tuition fee. The siblings do not have to be studying at Kent at the same time. Where two or more siblings register together for the first time together, the discount will be shared equally between them and will be calculated on the highest tuition fee.
  • A child of an alumnus registered on a privately funded degree* programme at Kent. Evidence will be required that one of the parents is an alumnus of Kent (e.g. a copy of a degree certificate).
  • Spouses/civil partners who register for degree programmes at the same time or where study overlaps, and at least one tuition fee is privately funded*. Evidence of the relationship will entitle one discount of 10% of the first year's tuition fees which may be payable to either the spouse, or shared equally between them. Registration must be at the same time or overlapping.

*Privately funded in these instances does include funding from the Student Loans Company and Personal Career Development Loans.


  • The discount is not allowable on Part I of a four year undergraduate degree following foundation study, as the foundation year is deemed to be part of the undergraduate degree. The exception to this is the International Foundation Programme.
  • Continuation from a foundation degree to a top up honours degree programme.
  • An upgrade from an MPhil to a PhD.
  • The discount is not allowable for changes in attendance of the same programme of study.
  • If a student is in receipt of the KBS Double Loyalty award then any application for the Loyalty discount will be deemed ineligible.
  • A student who is sponsored for their tuition e.g. if your fees are being paid by a sponsor (a private company or other organisation) not parents or relatives.
  • A student who is receiving full funding from the university, covering 100% of their tuition fees.
  • Students studying on The Athens programme where fees are paid directly to Athens.

A student who intermits from a programme that has qualified for loyalty discount this will be adjusted on a pro rata basis.

A student who withdraws from a programme that has qualified for loyalty discount will have the discount cancelled in its entirety.

To apply for the Loyalty Discount please use the Application form (pdf).

All application forms for this discount must be emailed to We do not accept applications in person or by post.

The Loyalty Discount is administered by the Income Office; please use our contact form to request more information.

Graduate School Scholarship

The University offers a £1,000 Graduate School Scholarship to graduates of Kent, who have finished their undergraduate studies in the previous academic year and who are going straight into postgraduate study.

Who is eligible?

  • All Kent 2020 graduates who are registered at the University of Kent by 1 October 2020 for a postgraduate degree programme of study at Kent will receive £1,000 off their first year´s tuition fees (£500 for part-time students, for 2 years).
  • Candidates must hold an undergraduate degree with honours awarded in 2020 by the University of Kent.
  • Candidates must have satisfied the criteria for admission and registered for a postgraduate degree (Master´s or Doctorate) with the University of Kent by 1 October 2020.
  • Overseas/home/EU fee paying students are all eligible.


  • This scholarship offer is not available to those students who have been awarded foundation degrees, HNCs, HNDs or postgraduate degrees.
  • March students are not eligible for this scholarship.

Further details can be found at:

The Graduate School Scholarship is administered by the Scholarships Unit; please contact them for more information.

Important information for both schemes


  • Alumni – everyone who has completed at least one semester (term) of study at Kent or one of its partner colleges, but to be eligible for the Loyalty Discount an alumnus must hold at least an undergraduate degree from Kent.
  • Graduate – those holding a Bachelor´s, Master´s or Doctoral degree from Kent.

The Loyalty Discount cannot be held in conjunction with the Graduate School Scholarship. Students should apply for either the Loyalty Discount or take the Graduate School Scholarship, whichever provides the greater discount.

The University reserves the right to exercise its discretion in the determination of any individual case.

The discounts will only be allowable on the first year of registration and on tuition fees which are privately funded and which have been paid by the due date. Please see the Student Finance Guide for further details. It is not possible for a student to qualify for more than one loyalty discount for each level of study.

In order to receive the Loyalty Discount the student claiming the discount must complete in full the application form and email this to

Credit of the Loyalty Discount will only be confirmed after all details have been checked against the University´s records and net tuition fees have been received in full. Due to high workloads at the start of the academic year the Loyalty Discount forms will not be processed immediately.

The University reserves the right to disallow the right to the discount if payment of tuition fees is not honoured.

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