Professor Malcom Andrews

Emeritus Professor of Victorian and Visual Studies


Professor Malcolm Andrews was Professor of Victorian and Visual Studies in the School of English until 2009. He is a former Editor of The Dickensian, the journal of the Dickens Fellowship. He is a past President of the Dickens Society (of America); he is also a member of the Comitato Scientifico of the Venice IUAV University Centre for the Study of Architecture and Landscape, and an External International Expert member of the Doctoral School, Foreign Languages and Literatures, of the University of Verona.

Malcolm Andrews has edited two novels for the Everyman Dickens series, David Copperfield (1993) and The Pickwick Papers (1998), and is the author of Dickens on England and the English (1979), Dickens and the Grown-up Child (1995), and Charles Dickens and His Performing Selves (2006), a study of Dickens's Public Readings and the relationship he developed with his readers and listeners during that career.

Book publications in landscape aesthetics and the visual arts include The Search for the Picturesque: Landscape Aesthetics and Tourism in Britain, 1760-1800(1989) and The Picturesque: Sources and Documents (1994). The Search for the Picturesque examined developments in the taste for landscape in eighteenth-century England, in poetry and painting, and made a special study of the first wave of scenic tourists to the Lakes, North Wales and Scottish Highlands in this period, drawing on a range of published and unpublished contemporary travel diaries. It is due to be published in a Chinese translation. 

The interest in landscape is also reflected in Landscape and Western Art (1999) a volume in the New Oxford History of Art series. This study reviews and explores some of the key 'moments' in the post-renaissance traditions of landscape art in Europe and North America, and considers the ideas and images of the natural world in art in the light of some recent theorising about landscape art.

Malcolm Andrews's most recent work has been on Dickens’s humour, and his book Dickensian Laughter was published by Oxford University Press in 2013. In 2021 his book A Sweet View: The Making of an English Idyll was published by Reaktion Books.

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