Academic Misconduct Committees

Academic Misconduct Committees review serious cases of academic misconduct, and apply an appropriate penalty. 

In some cases, where a student has received penalties for repeated significant breaches of academic misconduct, an Academic Misconduct Committee will also be convened. 

A Committee may also be convened where a student has received a minor penalty and wishes to contest the recommendation made by the Committee Chair.

The following questions will help you prepare if you have been invited to attended a Committee to discuss an alleged breach of academic integrity regulations.  

FAQ list

Committees consist of three academic members of staff (including the Chair), Student Representative, and a Committee Secretary. 

You will be informed in writing if an allegation of academic misconduct has been made, and if the Academic Misconduct Committee Chair has decided that a committee hearing is required.

A committee hearing is not a legal proceeding, and students are permitted to request that an additional individual be present for support. The committee hearing provides an opportunity for students to submit further evidence.

Most Committees will take place online. The Chair will determine whether in-person attendance is required and you will be informed ahead of time if this is the case. 

Students will have the opportunity to submit a written statement if their attendance at the Committee is not required. 

It’s important to engage fully with the investigation into your work, where a breach of academic integrity is alleged to have taken place. 

You should ensure you have provided relevant evidence or a statement (written or verbal) as is requested by the Committee. You should also ensure that you are familiar with University policy and relevant procedures (Annex 10 of the Credit Framework) ahead of the hearing taking place. 

Once a Committee has concluded, the Chair will confirm the outcome. Students will be informed by letter (sent via email) of the outcome of their case. This letter should be read carefully as it will include instructions for submitting a Formal Appeal if you wish to contest the decision of the Academic Misconduct Committee.

Yes, all students have the option to appeal the outcome of the Academic Misconduct Committee and any penalties that have been applied. Students can submit an appeal via the Academic Appeals website. 

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