Academic Misconduct Outcomes

Once a referral has been made, the Chair of the Academic Misconduct Committee will review the case and determine the next steps and outcome.

Students will be informed by their Division if an assignment or exam paper has been referred for alleged academic misconduct, and will be updated at each stage of the investigation. 

There are three outcomes that can be reached, depending on the nature and severity of the breach of academic integrity. 

Student should consult section 6 of Annex 10 in the Credit Framework for further details on each of the 


In some cases, following a review by the Chair of the Academic Misconduct Committee, it may be determined that there is not enough evidence to support the allegation of a breach of academic integrity. 

In this instance, the student will be informed that their assessment is not regarded as amounting to a breach of the University’s regulations on academic misconduct and no penalty will be recorded.

If the Chair has determined that a case should be treated as a First/Minor/Significant offence, students will receive a formal warning and will be informed of the penalty proposed. The outcome will be placed on the permanent student record. 

Students have the option to contest any penalty applied at this level. 

If the Chair has determined that the case against a student should be treated as a (repeated) Significant or a Serious offence, a hearing of the Academic Misconduct Committee will be convened to allow the student the opportunity to respond to this alleged breach of regulations. 

Students should regard the hearing as an opportunity to discuss the case with the panel, including the reasons why they feel that the allegation should not be classed as a breach of the regulations, and/or to review the proposed penalty.

Formal warnings are internal to the University and recorded permanently on KentVision. They are not visible externally to the University but, should this information be requested as part of an external employer reference request, it may be disclosed.    

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