From Student to Professional: How to Get an Internship While in University

Jordan Ojediran shares some tips for landing internships during university, based on his own experiences and insights

As a student, internships can be a valuable way to gain experience and build your professional network.  I have personally obtained internships at Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Rothschild & Co, and PIMCO, and have assisted numerous other individuals in finding internships in their desired fields.  Based on my own experiences and insights, as well as my success in helping others secure internships, I’ll share some tips for landing internships during university.

Identify Your Internship Goals and Interests

To effectively build your career in university, it is important to first define your goals. For example, I wanted to learn more about the investment banking industry, but I wasn’t sure which division I wanted to work in. To help me make a decision, I intentionally sought internships in various divisions to see where my skills were the best fit. On the other hand, you may have a clear goal of obtaining commercial law internships in university and focus your efforts on achieving that. The key is to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve and then take action to make it happen.

Maximising Your Connections: Using Your Family and Friends to Land Internships

It is often surprising how many people in your extended family work in professions such as law, finance, or medicine. Even if a family member is not directly in the field you are interested in, they may know someone who is. By having a conversation with them, you can gain valuable insights and education about your desired career path. This can also lead to internship opportunities through referrals, where someone recommends you to HR for a position.

Leveraging Organisations to Get Internships

I joined organisations such as UpReach, Rare, and SEO London, which provided valuable opportunities to develop my skills and network. To maximise the benefits of these organisations, it’s important to be proactive and take advantage of their resources and opportunities, such as participating in events, networking, and seeking mentorship. Researching and applying to organisations that align with your goals is key to accessing valuable resources and opportunities for your career.

It Is Whom You Know, Not Always What You Know.

Networking is key to landing internships. Building and maintaining relationships with professionals can provide valuable learning and networking opportunities. Show appreciation by offering to help others and following up, this will create opportunities and positive feedback for yourself. Networking can increase your chances of getting hired, just like how a friend’s recommendation can increase your chances of dating someone. Building a network in the firms you want to work for can be beneficial for your career. Proactively seek opportunities to connect with others in your field.

Jordan Ojediran is studying for a degree in Economics (BSC Hons)

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