4-year PhD Scholarship Opportunity on this CEAS research initiative.

Be part of TRADE4SD, a new International research collaboration fostering the positive linkages between trade and sustainable development.

Trade policy has an important part to play in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. TRADE4SD is a new collaborative research project designed by economists from Kent’s Centre for European Agri-Environmental Studies, starting in June 2021 it will run for 4 years. The project includes a wide international network of 13 partners – academic institutions, international organisations (UN Food and Agriculture Organization) and producers organisations from 10 countries in Europe, Asia (Vietnam) and Africa (Ghana) – and will identify options for improving the sustainability impacts of EU trade policy and provide evidence-based policy recommendations for policy solutions to redesign trade and trade policy in a way to promote access to markets, fair prices and standards of living for producers, as well as alleviating rural poverty and ensuring sustainable farming practices.

The student will work on a range of project research tasks, including to design and implement a trade game and a field experiment. They will be fully incorporated in the international academic network.


  • A good Master’s degree (Merit or Distinction) in Economics, Economics and Econometrics, International Economics, Development Economics or another relevant combined economics degree
  • Strong quantitative skills
  • English language evidence (both written and verbal) where English is not the first language
  • Master’s dissertation on trade-related topic and knowledge of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and main trade models would be an advantage


The project is fully funding a 4-year PhD scholarship of GBP £20,600 per year. This is based on the current UKRI rate of £4,500 fees plus £15,609 stipend, with some allowance for inflation in subsequent years. The successful candidate will be required to undertake advanced PhD training in the School of Economics during the first year. The student will work under the supervision of Prof Sophia Davidova and Prof Alastair Bailey.

Application procedure

Submit an electronic copy of a curriculum vitae, transcript and a short (maximum 1 page) letter of interest simultaneously to Professor Sophia Davidova (S.M.Davidova@kent.ac.uk) and Professor Alastair Bailey (A.Bailey@kent.ac.uk).

Closing date

Friday 21 May 2021

University of Kent, Division of Human and Social Sciences, School of Economics

4-year PhD Scholarship Opportunity

EU Horizon 2020 Project: TRADE4SD: Fostering the positive linkages between trade and sustainable development

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