The Half a Year-In-Industry Workshop.

Last week we caught up with 26 of our Year in Industry students in a virtual workshop. 

This Economics degree programme includes an opportunity to spend a year working in industry between Stages 2 and 3. This is a great way to enhance a CV and gives each student the opportunity to apply academic skills in a practical context. We catch up with them at regular intervals, normally holding a six month workshop with them in London, this year virtually, because, covid.

Despite the challenges presented by the pandemic, this year our placement students are excelling and making the most of their experience, under the current circumstances. Currently we have placement students working at the Office of National Statistics, HM Treasury, Home Office, HMRC, BT, Amazon, Jaguar, Kimberly Clark, Oxford Economics and others. 

Now that they are halfway through, it was encouraging to hear their feedback and also prepare them for the return to campus this September.

“It’s an opportunity for the placement students to network together, to re-connect them with the university that they are still part of and for us to see that they are excelling.” explained Director of Placements Dr Penélope Pacheco-López.

Kitty Cullinan is currently doing her placement at Mercedes AMG HPP.
“It’s the formula one side.” she explained “I mainly do accounting and data analysis, so I spend the day on excel running forecasts, controlling the company’s investment budget and carrying out analysis across the company.”

It is common that many students will return to permanent employment at these companies when their degree is completed a year later. Obviously this has not been a typical placement year for our students who have all been working remotely. 

“While I have been enjoying the experience, I am definitely looking forward to returning to University in September” Kitty told us “as I’m excited for the modules I have chosen and being back in the environment which I love. Working at home has meant this year feels rather isolated, so being back around friends and in the student environment will be a positive change that I can’t wait for.”

If you are interested in learning more about this programme there will be an opportunity for stage 1 students to hear from current placement students this spring/summer. Contact us at 

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