DICE awards five annual prizes to its students and staff and these are announced at the annual DICE lecture.

Undergraduate prizes

Worcester Prize for DICE

This prize is awarded to the best undergraduate student taught by DICE on any of its undergraduate courses. The prize is judged on the basis of the following criteria: all module marks, taking into account difficulties and challenges faced by the student in fieldwork, laboratory techniques or other aspects of the course; the contribution of the candidate as an undergraduate student to personal development and progress; and, contribution of the student to their class and the DICE community. The prize is named after the former Chancellor of the University of Kent, Sir Robert Worcester.

Year Prize winner Year Prize winner
2007/08 Michaela Kossuth 2008/09 Kathrin Mach
2009/10 Ben Payne 2010/11 Amy Liebthal
2011/12 Tamzin Rasho 2012/13 Phoebe Maund
2013/14   2014/15 Hannah Conduit
2015/16 Cassy Flint 2016/17 Gwynne Braidwood
2017/18 Treya Picking & Holly Reid 2018/19 Amie Humphries
2019/20 Kieran Richardson 2021/22 Lara Jo Bazzu
2022/23 Will Iakoncic    

Gerald Durrell Prize

A prize awarded for the best student gaining a First on the BSc in Wildlife Conservation or BA in Environmental Social Sciences (and cognate programmes) with the School of Anthropology and Conservation.

Year Prize winner Year Prize winner
2013/14 Megan Knowles-Bacon 2014/15 Kashmir Flint
2015/16 Joseph England 2016/17 Mark Spicer
2017/18   2018/19  
2019/20   2020/21  
2021/22 Rachael Brangan 2022/23 Eske Eilts

Postgraduate prizes

Maurice Swingland Prize

This prize is awarded to the best postgraduate student taught by DICE in its postgraduate programmes involving coursework and dissertation. The prize is judged on coursework and dissertation marks, the extent to which the student used their time at DICE for personal development and the contribution of the student to the wellbeing of DICE. The Maurice Swingland Prize is named after the late father of Ian Swingland, DICE’s Founder.

Year Prize winner Year Prize winner
1995/96 Frances Pirie 1996/97 Inogwabini Bila-Isia
1997/98 Peter Halliday 1998/99 Mike Hearn
1999/00 Million Belay and Kevin Smith 2000/01 Sergio Herrera Encina
2001/02 Bahar Dutt 2002/03 Mwape Sichilongo
2003/04 Leonardo Fleck 2004/05 Bruno Nhancale
2005/06 Sanjay Gubbi 2006/07 Hugo van der Westhuizen
2007/08 Benjamin Lee 2008/09 Alice Ward-Francis
2009/10 Nicolas Galvez 2010/11 Rodgers Lubilo and Destario Metusala
2011/12 Leonie Lawrence 2012/13 Rachel Shairp and Trishant Simlai
2013/14   2014/15 Debbie Fogell
2015/16 Sam Leslie 2016/17 Amy Collins
2017/18 Will Hayes 2018/19 Kerstin Opfer
2019/20 Tina Hillier 2020/21 Siri Öckerman
2021/22 Jack Bedford and Emily Rampling 2022/23 Monty Amma

Mike Walkey Prize

This prize is awarded to the best postgraduate student completing an MSc, MPhil or PhD by research in DICE. The prize is judged on thesis quality, time to submission, examiners’ reports, the extent to which the student used their time at DICE for personal development and the contribution of the student to the well-being of DICE.

The prize was originally named after Fiona Alexander (*), the daughter of Sandy, our former University Treasurer, and Meg Alexander. It was renamed the Durrell Trust for Conservation Biology Prize (†) in 2014 and then in 2019 it was renamed again to the Mike Walkey Prize, in honour of DICE’s first Director.

Year Prize winner Year Prize winner
1995/96* Dr Atanga Ekobo 1997/98* Dr Matthew Walpole
1998/99* Dr Lim Chan Koon 1999/00* Anne Ridell
2000/01* Dr Zelealem Ashenafi 2001/02* Dr Robin Moore
2002/03* Dr Noah Sitati 2003/04* Dr Matthew Linkie
2004/05* Dr Hector Magome 2005/06* Dr Mounir Abi-Said
2006/07* Dr Laury Cullen Jr and Dr David Sewell 2007/08* Dr Brett Lewis
2009/10* Dr Patricia Medici 2010/11* Dr Gail Campbell-Smith
2011/12* Dr Enrico Di Mini 2012/13* Dr Mark Darmaraj
2013/14§ Dr Jake Bicknell, Dr Abishek Harihar and Dr Diogo Verissimo 2014/15§  
2015/16§ Dr Hazel Jackson 2016/17§ Dr Dan Challender and Dr Amy Hinsley
2017/18§ Dr Mohammad Abdul Aziz 2018/19 Dr Gail Austen
2019/20 Dr Bela Barata and Dr Nick Deere 2020/21 Dr Jess Fisher
2021/22 Dr Thirza Loffeld 2022/23 Dr Tally Yoh & Dr Sophus zu Ermgassen

Staff prize

Ellya Mustafa Staff Award

The Ellya Mustafa Prize was created by DICE students to recognize the efforts of staff members towards the DICE mission and the student experience at DICE. The prize is the most recent DICE award, having been awarded for the first time in 2011, and is attributed through a direct vote from all DICE students. The award is named after Ellya Hafidzah Haji Mustafa, a conservationist from Brunei, who completed her MSc in Conservation Biology at DICE in 2006/2007. Ellya passed away in January 2011 due to sudden illness and this prize is in honour of her and organized by her fellow DICE colleagues.

Year Prize winner Year Prize winner
2010/11 Dr Dave Roberts 2011/12 Dr Zoe Davies
2012/13 Dr Joseph Tzanopoulos 2013/14 Dr Tatyana Humle
2014/15 Dr Helen Newing 2015/16 Dr Rob Fish
2016/17 Dr Charlie Gardner 2017/18 Dr Peter Bennett
2018/19 Dr Charlie Gardner 2019/20 Dr Charlie Gardner
2020/21 Dr Simon Black and Dr Charlie Gardner 2021/22 Dr Simon Black
2022/23 Professor Jim Groombridge    
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