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If you are experiencing difficulties with your studies you should contact your School Support Officer or Senior Tutor. You may also wish to submit a concession.

Frequently Asked Questions about Concessions

What is a concession?

The term concession is used to describe action taken by Schools and Boards of Examiners in recognition of events which cause exceptional interference with academic performance and which are beyond the normal difficulties experienced in life. This includes circumstances such as sudden, severe illness (confirmed by medical certificate) preventing attendance at an examination, or adversely affecting performance at an examination, or preventing work from being submitted by the deadline set.

How do I know if my circumstances are serious enough?

We would advise all students to speak to their Student Support Officer in their home School to discuss any problems that might adversely impact their work.

I need an extension on my coursework, what should I do?

If your concession is for a minor or short term problem then you should contact your School Office.

This includes extensions to coursework deadlines/failure to submit coursework by a deadline/failure to attend classes.

Your School Office will be able to advise you further and provide a form if relevant. You may be required to meet with the Student Support Officer to discuss your concessions.

I have missed an exam, what should I do?

If you miss an end of year exam scheduled in the Summer Exam Period you should submit a concessions form and supporting evidence to your Student Support Officer at your School within five working days following the examination.

In class assessments are are not exams and are dealt with by your School. You should speak to the module convenor and/or your Student Support Officer for further advice.

How do I submit a concession?

If you wish to submit a form for consideration by the Board of Examiners you should complete the appropriate concessions form available on the Faculty websites. Please see forms on right hand side.

You should ONLY use these forms to explain long term problems with academic performance/failure to attend examination/impaired exam performance due to concessionary factors. 

You are strongly advised to complete this form after/during your meeting with the Senior Tutor/Student Support Officer. 

Please return the form TOGETHER with supporting documentation , e.g. medical letter, death certificates etc to your School.

What happens to my form once it is submitted?

Your form and/or evidence is noted on your student record and saved on to your file. Your concession will be considered by the Concessions Committee in June (August for resits).

You will not be notified about the outcome of your concession.

Do I need evidence to support my concession?

Depending on the nature of your concession we recommend that you submit supporting evidence where possible.

Evidence might be a Doctor's letter, hospital discharge papers, death certificate, order of service or police report.

Supporting evidence should be submitted at the same time as the concession form where possible.

Please note: If you request a Medical Letter from the University Medical Centre this is sent directly to your School. Please tick the relevant box on the concessions form.

Where can I find out more information

Further information regarding Concessions and Appeals can be found here:

Support from Kent Union

For additional support please contact the Kent Union’s advice centre. Kent Union








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