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Status letters (for current students)

New Students
Please note you must be a registered student to request a status letter. You will become registered once you have arrived in person and received your KentOne ID card.

These letters are sometimes referred to as 'Proof of Student Status'. They are particularly useful for students wishing to open student bank accounts, applying for a Schengen Visa or proving your student status for receipt of benefits, sponsors and the Student Loans Company.

A status letter confirms a student's full name (as noted on their student record), date of birth, course title, registration date, completion date, home address, term-time address and term dates. To provide assurance regarding the validity of status letters, they are signed by an appropriate university administrator and stamped with Academic Registrars stamp.

Note: The letters we produce are not suitable for Tier 4 visa renewal applications. If you require a CAS see here.

How can I request a Status letter?

All current students who wish to request a status letter should email statusletters@kent.ac.uk with the following information:

  • Whether you are a Postgraduate or Undergraduate student
  • Your 8 digit student ID number
  • Your FULL legal name
  • Your date of birth
  • Your UKC email
  • Your current term time address (please check this is correct on the Student Data System before requesting your letter)
  • Your programme of study
  • The name of the bank (Only if the letter is required to the opening of a bank account)
  • All other letters will be addressed 'To Whom it May Concern'
  • If the letter is required to obtain a Schengen Visa, please state this in your email

Processing time - New requests

Please note that our document requests are currently taking up to 2 working days to process.

New and Returning Students: If your Student Status is ‘Authorised to Registered’ then we will be unable to produce a letter for you. You can check your student status on SDS. Please also be aware that if you need a letter to open a bank account, you should note that most banks won’t accept a letter that states you are ‘Provisionally Registered’.

Please note that it is University policy not to release information for students who have a debt to the University.

Credit reference status letters:

If you require a status letter for credit reference purposes, please make a clear note of this on the application form as some additional information has to be added to the standard status letter. Banks / lenders may often want confirmation of your home or term-time address whilst you were studying. Whilst we are happy to supply this information, we can only do so if you kept your address information up to date on your student record. We cannot enter address information that is not recorded on your student data account.





Processing time

Please note that our document requests are currently taking up to 2 working days to process.

Sample Status Letter

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