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Before the Day

Due to Covid-19 the examination processes have changed for 2020. For further guidance please see: www.kent.ac.uk/student/coronavirus/exams

Confirming your modules

Examination and Assessment Check - Now Closed


The main exam period will take place between 4 May 2020 and 12 June 2020 and includes Saturdays. Candidates are required to be available to take exams at any time during this period. (There are no exams on Sundays or Bank Holidays).

The timetable is published before the end of the spring term with the usual caveat that it is subject to potential amendments.

The timetable is drawn up to comply with the regulations as agreed by the Learning & Teaching Board on 1 March 2000 which states that no student will be expected to sit exams in more than three consecutive sessions.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you regularly check your personal exam timetable for any changes on the Student Data System and that you have made a note of the correct dates, venues and times for your exams.

Please note any permitted extra time allowed under an Inclusive Learning Plan will not show on the main exam timetable on SDS but will be accommodated on the day.

Exam Venues

Exams are sat at the campus where the module was taught (Canterbury or Medway). If there are any discrepancies with your timetable please contact us as soon as possible.

Canterbury Exam Venues:

Medway Exam Venues:

The sports halls in the Sports Centre

Pilkington Building

Darwin College Conference Suite

Dockyard Church

Eliot Dining Hall

Gillingham Building


Medway Building

Adapted Arrangements Venues:

Adapted Arrangements Venues:

Keynes Seminar Rooms 11-17

Gillingham Building

KSA 1 - Keynes College

Medway Building

Cornwallis North West Seminar Rooms 1-12

Grimond Seminar Rooms 1 - 8  

(Venues subject to change)

For more exam venue information see our venue page.

NB: Students with adapted examination arrangements will not sit their exams in the main examination halls. Please see the Adapted Arrangments information within the On The Day Page for further details.

Exam Start Times

Morning exams begin promptly at 9:30am and afternoon exams begin promptly at 2:00pm.

Requesting Adapted Arrangements (including being seated at the front / back of hall)

How to request:

Students who will require adapted examination arrangements should arrange for an appointment to register with Student Support and Wellbeing (SSW) in Keynes College for Canterbury Students and Gillingham Building (G0-05) for Medway Students as early in the academic year as possible.

All applications for adapted arrangements must be supported by medical evidence which should be submitted at the time of application.

SSW will discuss your requirements with you and will record these as part of an Inclusive Learning Plan (ILP) and these will be put in place by the exams office.

Once your ILP is in place, your adapted arrangements for examinations will roll over each academic year. If your circumstances change or you begin a new course (UG to PG), please contact SSW as soon as possible to find out if your ILP needs updating.

Please note your ILP must be confirmed with SSW  in order for the arrangements to be put in place for the exam period. Deadline: TBC

Use of a PC / Computer based software

In liaison with Information Services and the Student Support and Wellbeing teams, we will endeavour to provide specific IT support as dictated by inclusive learning plans arranged as above with SSW. However, not all software requests can be guaranteed and will be dealt with on an individual basis to ensure agreed reasonable adjustments are in place.


Main Venue - Requests


Candidates suffering from examination anxiety may request to be seated at the front or back of the examination hall. If you do not have an ILP please contact exams@kent.ac.uk by Thursday 26 March 2020 to make this request.

Food / Drink / Medicine

If you do not have an ILP but have a medical condition that means you will require access to food, drink (other than water) or medicine during your exam, you should contact exams@kent.ac.uk by Thursday 26 March 2020.

An email will be sent to you when your request has been approved. Please print and bring this email to your exam venue. Place on the floor in the exam hall next to your food / medication.

Without a confirmation email print out, candidates are only permitted to take water in a clear plastic bottle into the main exam venues.

Late or Temporary Adapted Arrangements

Students who require adapted arrangements after TBC will need to contact SSW urgently.

If a request cannot be put in place we suggest that candidates contact their School to submit concessionary evidence and report to the exam venue as per their exam timetable on SDS.

Religious Observance Requests (including Eid and Ramadan)

Deadline 2020: Tuesday 4th February 2020

Students wishing to observe a religious commitment on a particular day during the published examination periods should notify the Examinations Office by emailing exams@kent.ac.uk before Tuesday 4th February 2020, when exam scheduling work begins. The following information must be included:

  • Name and student number
  • Details of the observance
  • The date on which it will be undertaken
  • Proof of religious observance requirements e.g. a letter on headed paper from your place of worship

Please note the University may not always be able accommodate requests. Where a request change has not been possible, students can submit a mitigating circumstances request.  https://www.kent.ac.uk/csao/support/concessions.html



Regrettably, the University is unable to take Eid into consideration in the Examinations timetable, and will not re-schedule any exams that may fall during this period.


Obligatory fasting in Ramadan is an important event in the Islamic calendar and an integral part of your faith. This means that you need to include the preparation for your examinations into your everyday activities during Ramadan.

In order to manage studying whilst fasting you will need to prepare effectively for your examinations. Short gentle breaks between your scheduled examinations will help to increase strength of mind in all areas of your life, including food, sleeping and effective use of time.

The University does not deem the event of Ramadan to be a legitimate extenuating circumstance or reason for claiming mitigating circumstances for examinations, unless fasting significantly affects your health and/or you have a medical condition which may impair your performance or prevent you from attending an examination. In such cases you will need to provide documentary evidence to support your claim for mitigating circumstances to be accepted with good cause.

PLEASE REMEMBER you MUST attend the examinations, and locations, that have been allocated to you. Please do not try to sit your examinations at venues / times that are different from those you have been allocated.

See: How to stay healthy during fasting - Canterbury mosque guidelines

Accommodation during exams

Canterbury campus has short stay accommodation available during the exam period. Please see more information here

Key Dates and Deadlines

EXAMS 2020



Examination and Assessment Check. This is your first opportunity to check and confirm your module registration for your exams.

Tuesday 4 February

Deadline for submitting Religious Observance Requests (see above tab for more information)

Approx. two weeks before end of Spring term


Personal Exam timetable will be available via SDS [2]

The timetable is published before the end of the spring term with the usual caveat that it is subject to potential amendments.


Deadline for confirming an Inclusive Learning Plan with SSW (if applicable) for arrangements to be in place for the exam period (see Requesting Adapted Arrangements tab for more information)

Accidents / sudden illness after this cut off, students must contact SSW urgently. (see Late or Temporary Arrangements tab for more information).

Thursday 26 March

Students without an Inclusive Learning Plan.

Deadline for submitting evidence for access to food, drink (other than water) or medicine during your exam for medical reasons (see Requesting Adapted Arrangements tab for more information)

Deadline for requests to be seated at the front or back of the examination hall.

Monday 4 May


Friday 12 June


Tuesday 16 June

Final Year and Diploma Results released

Thursday 25 June

Humanities & Social Sciences: Stage 2 results released

Thursday 25 June Sciences Stage 2: Schools of Computing, Engineering & Digital Arts and Mathematics, Statistics & Actuarial Science results released
Monday 6 July Sciences Stage 2: Schools of Biosciences and Physical Sciences

Monday 6 July

Stage 1 results released



Mid July

August examination timetable published

Wednesday 5 August


Wednesday 19 August


Monday 7 September Humanities & Social Sciences results released


NOTE: Result Release Dates

Postgraduate Students - Please contact your school


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