What happens after you submit your UCAS application? And when do you find out if you’ve been offered a place at Kent?

My application

We consider all applications received by the relevant UCAS deadlines. Our Admissions team carries out an initial check of your application for accuracy and determines your tuition fee and residential status. We also check to ensure that you have achieved, or are predicted to achieve, the academic requirements.

We aim to inform you of our decision on your application as quickly as possible. If you have applied by the October or January deadline, you can expect to receive our decision by the end of March.

Receiving an offer

You can find out if you have been made an offer of a place through the UCAS Hub (formerly UCAS Track) website. It allows you to track the progress of your application and tells you what decisions the University has made.  

Types of offer What this means
Unconditional firm (UF) Your application has been accepted.
Conditional firm (CF) Your application has been accepted (with conditions).
Conditional firm (CF) and conditional insurance (CI) If you meet the conditions on your first choice you will be accepted on that course. If not, but you meet the conditions of your second choice, you will be accepted on that course.
Conditional firm (CF) and unconditional insurance (UI) If you meet the conditions on your first choice you will be accepted on that course. If not, you will be accepted on your second choice whether you meet the conditions or not.

Accepting your offer

To accept your offer, update your UCAS Hub record by the required deadline to indicate that Kent is your ‘firm’ or ‘insurance’ choice.

If you have an unconditional offer, you can select it immediately to confirm your place. If your offers are conditional on exam results or other requirements, you can pick two so you have an extra one as a back-up.

How to appeal

If you think that your application has been rejected unfairly, get in touch with the Recruitment and Admissions Team on information@kent.ac.uk or 01227 768896. See our Admissions feedback, appeals and complaints page for full details of our appeals procedure.  

After you’ve applied

We will send you a formal letter of admission to the University, and information about Welcome Week. It also tells you how to pay your fees and register at Kent.

You also need to think about where you’re going to stay. We offer accommodation to new full-time undergraduate students starting in September for the first year of study, provided the following criteria are met:

  • you firmly accept (ie as your first choice) either a conditional or unconditional offer from this University by 31 July
  • the University receives your online application for accommodation by 31 July

We hope to offer University accommodation to Insurance, Late, Adjustment and Clearing acceptances where possible (subject to availability).

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