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Semester or Year Abroad at Kent

The UK is the number one study abroad destination for many students from around the world. Studying at Kent, the UK's European university, expands your horizons, enhances your studies and gives you insight into another culture.

No need to delay your expected graduation date; with careful planning, you can complete your studies in the same time and your marks and your academic credit can be transferred to your home University.

Eliza Staszak

"This has been one of the most amazing semesters of my whole college career so far. I’ve met some incredible people and pretty sure I’ve made some life-long friends here. The couple of societies I joined here, were both so much fun and diverse and definitely something that I wouldn’t be able to do back home. I’m so grateful and happy that I joined them or else this semester wouldn’t have been the same without them. I’ve made countless memories while being here, both from exploring the city of Canterbury and exploring England. This semester has been like a breath of fresh air, and I can tell that I’ve grown a lot as an individual and really embraced who I am as a person, and everyone here has helped me accomplish that. Kent will always hold a special place in my heart because of how much of an impact it’s had on my life this semester. The semester will forever be one of the best semesters of my life and I’m going to cherish all the memories I’ve made here. It’s truly been an unforgettable experience. I’m going to miss everyone and everything so much!"


Eliza is from the University of Winconsin, La Crosse and she studied at Kent from January 2018 until the beginning of April 2018.

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My experience at The University of Kent was everything that I wished it to be. The campus and the people there were very welcoming…I would love to relive my time at Kent and I really felt as if it became my home for three months.
Hannah Cranville, United States

Studying abroad at Kent was definitely the best part of my life. University of Kent has everything that students want to have and do - beautiful campus, quality education, friendly atmosphere, fabulous parties. I took the JYA English PLUS programme which was ideal for me. The experience at Kent made me confident and more open-minded.
Shin Akutagwa, Japan

I had a fantastic experience while on exchange at the University of Kent!  Staff in the International Development Office are always available to answer questions and are eager to help.  Kent Law School is comprised of dedicated professors who let students discover the material themselves and form their own opinions.  Discussion in classes is encouraged and students interact with the law while exploring its sociological impact.  Student life is buzzing, with many cafés and restaurants on campus—even a theatre, the Gulbenkian!  The University of Kent has all the elements necessary for a successful exchange; it’s up to the student to seize opportunities and face each situation with an open mind. 
Jessica Ho-Wo-Cheong, Canada

During the time studying at University of Kent, I really learned a lot not only from the lectures and workshops but also through the exchanges with the local people as well as classmates from other countries. The experience of the overseas study enabled me to be open minded and broad horizontal. There is an old saying in Chinese that to encourage the youth to read hundreds of books as well as go to a lot of different places.These are the two most important ways for teaching. I think the study in Kent enable me make improvement in both of the aspects. To sum up, I enjoy the learning process and traveling experience here.
Ma Yan, China

I always look back fondly on my experience at Kent where I grew so much. I currently work in the study abroad office at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia, where I advise students. It is truly rewarding helping students to gain such a life changing experience. Additionally, gaining a global perspective is such a relevant and valuable part of university education today. I think back to my study abroad days when I was helped so much by you and your staff and hope to provide the same support for our incoming students that I experienced at Kent.
Elizabeth Sharett, United States

I chose University of Kent as the place to do my exchange program because it truly is "The UK's European University". I have learned so much about Europe, particularly regarding its economy in line with my major. I also made friends from other countries most of whom are Europeans, socializing with them enable me to better understand Europe. We shared about each-others culture, by cooking the signature dish from our country and bringing it to our very own international picnic for instance.

Moreover in University of Kent I'm able to study more about UK while improving my English. UK is an example of a successful welfare state which provide excellent public services to the people, this knowledge would surely support my future career in the public sector.

The university's facilities are also satisfying as I'm able to find many resources for my modules, this truly helps the learning process. Although quite brief, but my six months exchange period in University of Kent is so far one of the best moments of my life.
Annisa Nursetyautami, Indonesia

I wanted the opportunity to study abroad and Kent came highly recommended by many other Canadian graduates due to its high calibre of law professors and Law clinic.
Sarita Samaroo-Tsaktsiris, Canada

I cannot believe that it has been almost a year since I came here. Every time I say 'goodbye' to my friends here, it seizes my soul. I have found out many things, especially about myself. I really appreciate you. I cannot find any better words, but thank you for everything.
Kazuki Tajima, Japan

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