Portrait of Dr Christopher Burden-Strevens

Dr Christopher Burden-Strevens

Lecturer in Roman History


Dr Christopher Burden-Strevens is a specialist in the history and historiography of the Roman Republic. He received a First Class Honours degree in Latin and Ancient Greek with French from the University of Glasgow, where he was awarded the Cowan Medal and the Ramsay Medal for graduating top of his year, as well as the Coulter Prize in Classics for producing the best undergraduate dissertation in the Arts & Humanities cohort. 

After his undergraduate MA, Christopher was awarded an Exhibition to study comparative philology of ancient languages at Balliol College, Oxford. In 2012 he joined the Fragments of the Roman Republican Orators project at Glasgow, as one of its funded PhD students, completing his doctorate in 2015 on rhetoric in the Greek historiographers of the Roman Republic.
After completing his PhD, Christopher worked first as a Teaching Fellow in Classics at the University of Glasgow and was then appointed Lecturer in Roman History at Durham, where he won a distinguished service award. 

Christopher joined the University of Kent in 2017. As a native of the county, he particularly welcomes opportunities to engage with local schools and outreach initiatives.  

Research interests

Christopher is interested in the political history of the Late Republic, Latin and Greek historiography (especially its rhetorical dimensions), ancient education, and Early Roman history. He welcomes contact from current and prospective research students and is always eager to discuss these topics in person over coffee. 

In spring 2019, Christopher undertook a short residency at the Hardt Foundation in Geneva, having received a Scholarship for Young Researchers. The purpose of this visit was to prepare his monograph, Cassius Dio’s Speeches and the Transformation of the Res Publica, for press in 2020. 

His most recent publication, Cassius Dio’s Forgotten History of Early Rome, appeared in edited format with Brill in November 2018. Along with Dr Roman Frolov from Yaroslav’ State University, Russia, Christopher hosted a conference on Roman political initiative in Bielefeld, Germany, in July 2019, funded by the Humboldt Foundation and the University of Kent. 

Christopher peer-reviews for several academic journals, including Histos, Historia, Athenaeum, The Journal of Hellenic Studies, Revue de Philologie, and The Classical Review.  

Christopher is a member of the Artefacts and Society research cluster.


At undergraduate level, Christopher teaches Republican and Imperial Roman history, Latin and Ancient Greek (beginners), ancient historiography, and Roman civilisation.

At postgraduate level, he co-ordinates and teaches core modules in postgraduate research skills.

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