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What can I do with my degree in Film?

Film careers

There are literally hundreds of different jobs in the UK film industry, each one requiring a unique combination of specialist skills. The film industry divides itself into five sectors:

  • Development – the writing, packaging and financing of film ideas and scripts.
  • Production – the process of setting up and shooting every scene in a film.
  • Post Production – where all these shots are assembled, treated and mixed into a finished product.
  • Distribution – the process of selling this product to audiences, via the cinemas, retailers and rental firms.
  • Exhibition – the cinemas which screen the film for the general public.

The majority of jobs in the UK film industry are found within the production sector. The first decision that faces anyone wanting to work in film production is actually: which department do I want to work in? Work out if this is the right industry for you and then you can explore the options. You can discover what these jobs entail from Creative Skillset’s film job profiles.

The jobs listed below are a selection of those which may interest Film students and graduates and offer the opportunity to use your degree directly.

Programme Researcher

Film Video Editor

As a film or video editor, you'll be responsible for assembling recorded raw material into a finished product that's suitable for broadcasting.

Job profile of a Film and Video Editor from the Prospects website
Job profile of an Editor from the Creative Skillset website

Location Manager

Location managers are responsible for making all the practical arrangements for film, television or photographic shoots taking place outside the studio.

Job profile of a Location Manager from the Prospects website
Job profile of a Location Manager from the Creative Skillset website


A runner is an entry-level position, the most junior role in the production department of a broadcast, film or video company. They act as general assistants, working under the direction of the producer and other production staff, to undertake whatever basic tasks are required to ensure the smooth running of the production process.

Job profile of a Runner from the Prospects website
Job profile of a Runner from the National Careers Service website
Job profile of a Runner from the icould website

I want to work in Drama and Theatre
I want to work in the Media

Television/film/video producer

Producers play an integral role in the television, film and video industries. A producer will oversee each project from conception to completion and may also be involved in the marketing and distribution processes.

Job profile of a Television/Film/Video Producer from the Prospects website

Please note that some of these careers may require further study.

Many in this sector will adopt a Portfolio approach to work which will allow them to pursue their career ambitions alongside undertaking additional paid work.

For further information on these careers, see also:

People in some Film roles may be self-employed

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