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What can I do with my degree in Anthropology?

Anthropology careers

Listed below are a selection of occupations that may interest students and graduates from the School of Anthropology and Conservation.

International Aid/Development Worker
International aid/development workers support people in developing countries. There is a large variety of different roles in this area including research, fundraising and relief work to name just a few.
Prospects job profile: International aid/development worker

Human Rights Officer
Works for inter-governmental or non-governmental organisations ranging from the United Nations and Amnesty to small charities and campaigning bodies. The work may involve monitoring and reporting on human rights issues with a view to bringing them to the attention of decision makers, the media and the wider public in order to end human rights violations and provide justice to their victims. Human rights work is wide-ranging: for further information see:
Human Rights Careers and I Want to Work In Human Rights

University Lecturer
As well as teaching through lectures and seminars, academic staff in higher education also carry out research and a wide range of administrative and pastoral tasks. Although a teaching qualification is not required, you will need a higher degree, normally a PhD. Competition is strong for entry-level academic posts.
Prospects job profile: Higher education lecturer
Target job profile: Higher education lecturer
I Want to Work in: A University

Social Researcher
Social research covers a wide range of topics including migration, poverty, and healthcare. Social Researchers could work for universities or research organisations and manage research projects including collecting and analysing data and presenting the results.
Prospects job profile: Social researcher 
Target job profile: Social researcher
Prospects job profile: Government social research officer
Target job profile: Government research officer
Prospects job profile: Trade Union research officer
Target job profile: Trade Union research officer

Market Researcher
Plans, co-ordinates and manages market research projects, collecting and analysing quantitative and qualitative information and communicating it to clients.
Prospects job profile: Market researcher
Target job profile: Market research executive
The Market Research Society

Local Government Officer
Local government officers are responsible for the practical development of council policies and procedures, and need to ensure that local services are delivered.
Prospects job profile: Local government officer 

Charity Officer
There are a range of different roles within charities including project management, volunteer co-ordination and fundraising.
Prospects job profile: Charity officer
Prospects job profile: Charity fundraiser
Target job profile: Charities administrator
Target job profile: Charities fundraiser

Please note that some of these careers may require further study.

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Visit the School of Anthropology and Conservation webpage

Visit the School of Anthropology and Conservation webpage

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