Why you should attend a careers fair

There are many beneficial reasons to attend a careers fair at various stages of your university journey. Whether you are a Year 1 student, finalist, Postgraduate or graduate, a lot can be gained by getting yourself out there!
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The benefits of attending a careers fair

Attending a careers fair can be a highly beneficial experience for individuals seeking to explore and enhance their professional opportunities. These events, typically held at educational institutions (including here at The University Of Kent), convention centres, or online platforms, offer a wide range of advantages that can positively impact your career path. 

Careers fairs are not just a place for finalists or recent graduates. If you are at the beginning of your university journey, or even part way through, there are still many benefits of attending a fair. This includes scouting out work experience, placement and internship opportunities which can make a big difference on your future CV and job applications. 

For finalists, this is a great opportunity for you to consider your future after graduating. Explore different sectors, graduate opportunities and talk to your careers and employability team. 

Below are some more key benefits you can gain from attending a careers fair.

Networking Opportunities

Careers fairs provide an excellent platform for networking with professionals from various industries. Meeting representatives from companies of interest can allow you to forge valuable connections, exchange contact information and potentially secure future job, placement or internship opportunities. Building a strong professional network is crucial for career development, as it opens doors to new possibilities and enhances your visibility within the job market.

If you are not a finalist there are still many advantages in starting to build your professional network prior to graduation. You may be able to find professional development opportunities, including experiences which may provide you with experience you can add to your CV and talk about within job applications. 

Industry Insights

Attending a careers fair exposes individuals to the latest industry trends, developments, and opportunities. Companies often showcase their products, services, and innovations, providing attendees with first-hand insights into various sectors. Engaging in conversations with industry experts and recruiters can broaden your knowledge about different career paths, helping you make informed decisions about your professional aspirations.

Recruitment Opportunities

Many companies attend careers fairs with the intention of recruiting top talent. Job seekers can take advantage of this opportunity to submit their resumes, participate in on-the-spot interviews, and learn about job openings. Meeting face-to-face with recruiters offers a distinct advantage over online applications, as it allows candidates to make a memorable impression and showcase their interpersonal skills.

Professional Development

Careers fairs and events can sometimes feature workshops, panel discussions, and presentations by industry professionals. These sessions offer valuable insights into career planning, job search strategies, resume writing, and interview techniques. Attending such events can enhance professional skills, boost confidence, and provide practical advice on navigating the job market successfully.

Exploration and Clarity

For individuals who are uncertain about their career paths, careers fairs provide an excellent opportunity to explore various industries and roles. Interacting with professionals from different fields can shed light on the skills, qualifications, and experiences required for specific careers. It allows attendees to gain a clearer understanding of their own interests and align them with potential career opportunities.

Employability at Kent: Careers Fairs and Sessions 

It is correct in that you can find many national careers fairs which offer professional development sessions alongside the possibility of discovering graduate schemes and recruitment opportunities. However, did you know you also have regular access to these types of events at the University Of Kent? 

Your Autumn Careers Fair takes place during the first term (winter term) at Kent. Your Spring Careers Fair takes place during the second term (spring term) at Kent. 

Your Careers and Employability service also regularly runs events, workshops and networking opportunities which can enhance your employability prospects including regular skills sessions and events. 

Finding Careers Fairs

At The University Of Kent 

Your Careers and Employability team run Career Fairs throughout the year. The main fair is in the Autumn Term, however we do have smaller fairs throughout the year, some of which are even sector specific. Make sure you keep an eye on the Events Page and our Social Media pages for updates. 

Online Search 

Conducting an online search is a convenient and accessible method to find career fairs. Use search engines like Google and specify your location or industry of interest, along with keywords like "career fair" or "job fair." This will yield relevant results, including upcoming events and their details.  

Professional Associations

Many professional associations and industry-specific organisations host career fairs as part of their initiatives. Explore the websites and newsletters of relevant professional associations related to your field of interest. They often advertise career fairs, conferences, or networking events that can connect you with industry professionals.

Job Boards and Recruitment Websites

Check popular job boards and recruitment websites, as they sometimes list career fairs and job fair events alongside job postings. Websites like Indeed and LinkedIn may have dedicated sections or filters for career fairs or hiring events.

Social Media

Follow career-focused social media accounts, including those of companies, career websites, and professional organisations. They often share information about upcoming career fairs, either hosted by them or in collaboration with other entities.


Leverage your professional network to find out about career fairs. Connect with colleagues, mentors, or friends who are active in your industry. They might have information about upcoming events or be able to refer you to relevant contacts who can provide details about career fairs.

Remember to check the dates, locations, and specific requirements for each career fair you find, as they may vary. Additionally, consider signing up for email newsletters or alerts from career websites and organizations to receive timely updates about career fairs and related events in your desired field.

Don't forget your Employability Points!

Have you attended a careers fair? Remember to log it in your Employability Points Folio to gain EP points before the deadline. Employability Points can be turned into rewards including insight days, networking opportunities and the ability to apply for internships with EP sponsors. Find out more on the Employability Points Website. 

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