Dr Anthony Valcke

Visiting Lecturer in European Union Migration Law
Dr Anthony Valcke


Dr Anthony Valcke is the convenor for European Union Migration Law (LAWS8321) in Brussels and the supervising solicitor for the EU Rights Clinic (DP7175). 

Anthony is qualified as an avocat in Belgium, solicitor in England and avvocato in Italy. He has over 20 years of diverse legal experience and specialises in EU free movement, migration and nationality cases. Notable cases that he has handled include Case C-710/19 G.M.A. on the right of jobseekers before the EU Court of Justice and leading strategic litigation before the Belgian courts on proof of lawful residence in nationality cases. 

He holds a PhD in comparative law, a postgraduate qualification in EU law, as well as degrees in English law and French law.  He also teaches at undergraduate level as  adjunct professor of law at Vesalius College in Brussels. 

Research interests

His research focuses on EU free movement rules and their practical application in the Member States. He regularly serves as a  subject-matter expert on a variety of projects for the various institutions, including the European Commission and Myria, the Belgian federal migration centre.  

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