University regulations

Student Charter and Regulations for Students

Student Charter

  1. Student Charter from 2013
  2. The Student Charter and other University commitments to students
  3. Students' Union Code of Practice

Policies and Procedures

  1. Responsibilities of the University and of its Students [extract from "Getting Started at Kent" Booklet at
  2. Dignity at Study Policy | Appendix 1 Student Behaviour | Appendix 2 Flowchart
  3. Complaints Procedure for Students | Complaints Form
  4. University Policy Statement concerning Alcohol
  5. University Policy Statement concerning Drugs (substance abuse)
  6. Support to Study Procedure
  7. Intellectual Property Rights
  8. Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy
  9. Information Note on University Records and the Data Protection Act 1998
  10. Information Note for Students taking University Programmes at Associate Colleges


  1. General Regulations for Students
  2. Regulations on Student Discipline in relation to non-academic matters | Diagram of Procedures
  3. IS Regulations for the use of the Library (PDF for printing)
  4. IS Regulations for the Provision of Network Services on the University of Kent Network
  5. IS Regulations for the use of Information Technology (IT) Facilities at the University of Kent (PDF for printing)
  6. IS Regulations for the Use of Computers & Mobile Devices Not Owned and/or managed by the University and Connected to the University of Kent Network (PDF for printing)
  7. IS Regulations for use of Mobile Devices Owned by the University and Connected to the University of Kent Network (PDF for printing)
  8. IS The University of Kent Information Technology Security Policy
  9. IS Security Procedures for System Administrators
  10. IS Procedures for dealing with misuse/abuse of Library facilities and/or breaches of the Library Regulations - Students, Staff and External Users
  11. IS Computer Misuse/Abuse Procedures for Students, Staff, Alumni and External Users (PDF for printing)
  12. IS Regulations and Policies - Current Role Holders
  13. Regulations for the Management of Traffic in the University for Staff, Students and other persons

Central Secretariat

The University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 7NZ, T: +44 (0)1227 764000

Last Updated: 27/01/2015