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The University actively promotes its Travel Plan that aims to reduce single car occupancy and encourage sustainable travel to and from Canterbury City and Medway Towns, supporting improved air quality, low-carbon emissions, and active travel. Canterbury & Medway campuses have excellent transport links and where reasonably possible all persons are encouraged to travel by sustainable transport. Drivers on University of Kent Land need to be aware:

  • University of Kent Regulations for the Management of Traffic & Travel  applies to all persons.
  • All vehicles must be parked within a marked bay at all times, unless permission has been given by an authorized person in the Transport or Security team.
  • 8am-5pm Monday to Friday, all drivers must have a permit to park on campus or visitors can display a P&D ticket at Canterbury campus, and must be  in accordance with the permit/ticket issued.
  • Parking is limited and we are unable to guarantee that a space will be available.
  • Parking enforcement is in operation at all times.
  • Students must live outside the local exclusion zone or hold a Government Blue Badge.
  • Students must be fully registered and the Student Database System and the term time address fields must be completed manually with the students addressing where they will be living during term time (Do not tick the box as the permit system cannot identify this).
  • Students must ensure that the correct vehicle is activated on their permit account the day(s) they are parked on campus Monday to Friday 8am-5pm. If you have been issued a Daily permit, vouchers must be purchased and valid for the time that you park your vehicle on campus.


Student Permits to park a car or powered 2-wheel vehicle on campus

Student parking permits are valid for Blue Zone car parks only. To find out if your eligible to have a permit to park on campus or if your term address is in the exclusion zone please see the FAQs below.

Students who require parking within pink zone car parks or live within the local exclusion zone may appeal for a permit if they have a medical reason or an exceptional circumstance that necessitates the student to drive to and from the campus.  Further information on why and how you can appeal can be found on the Student Parking Permit Appeals process page.

All student permits issued (except for car share permits) are virtual permits. They become valid once you have received an email from the Transport Team informing you that your permit has been issued. It is the permit holder’s responsibility to ensure that the correct vehicle is parked within the correct location

Student Permits to Park available

Permit Zone/type/category Who is eligible to apply Parking Zone Payment Method
Student Permit This permit allows eligible students to park within the Blue Zone car parks at the campus which they are studying at. Unless approval has been given under the exceptional circumstance reasons or medical reasons. Blue Zone car parks at the campus which the student is registered to study. Online
Health Access Permit This permit is for students who have been successful in their appeal. The permit will be issued in accordance with the recommendation of the parking zone or bay given by the University Medical Centre for Canterbury students, or the Student Support & Wellbeing Manager for Medway students if it was accepted that you required a permit. Online
Exceptional Circumstance This permit is for students who have been successful in their appeal. The permit will be issued in accordance with the recommendation of the parking zone or bay which was approved by the Parking Panel if the appeal was accepted. Online
Car Share Permit This permit allows eligible students to park within Blue Zone car parks at the campus which they are studying at. This permit is available for up to 5 students per car share team, who are all living outside the exclusion zone & fully registered on SDS.  See car share for more information and application form. It is expected the cost to be split between the car share team. Blue Zone car parks in accordance at the campus it was approved for when it was issued. Cash or card at Security & Transport Centre
Government Blue Badge Students who are Government Blue Badge holders. Pink & Blue Zone car parks and Accessible bays. No Charge
Motorcycle Permit This permit is for students who wish to park a motorcycle within the motorcycle bays on campus. Motorcycle bays only. No Charge


Student Permit to Park Prices & Payment Methods

Permit Type  Permit Duration 01 August 2019 to 31 July 2020 price* 01 September 2020 to 31 July 2021 price Note
Student Permit   Exceptional Circumstance   Health Access   Car Share     Academic Year   £20  £25 Can only apply from  01 September to  28 February each year 
3 month  £7.50  £9.50 Can only apply from 01 September until 01 July each year
Monthly £4/month £5/month  
Daily 50p/day 60p/day  
Car Share 12 month £7.50 £9.50 Can only apply from  01 September to  28 February each year   This is only available by paper application
3 month £5.00 £6.25 Can only apply from 01 September until 01 July each year

*The price has been extended until 31 August 2020. Please note: The price may rise on 01 August 2021, irrespective of the duration of the permit or when it was issued.

**Apply for free daily permit. When the permit has been ‘Issued,’ you will be able to purchase daily vouchers online by logging into your permit account.


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Please view our main FAQ’s page for information about virtual permits and further information about how to manage your virtual permit account.


What is the student exclusion zones and am I eligible to apply for a student permit?

There is very restricted parking at the Canterbury and Medway campuses. If you live in the exclusion zone (see postcodes below or Canterbury exclusion zone map), which includes the student residences on campus, you cannot apply for a permit to park.

2018/19 exclusion zone (may be subject to change)

Canterbury exclusion zone
CT1 1** CT1 2** CT1 3** CT2 7** CT2 8**

Canterbury exclusion zone map

Medway exclusion zone
ME1 1** ME4 3** ME4 4** ME4 5** ME4 6**
ME7 1** ME7 2** ME7 4** ME7 5**  

I live within one of the exclusion zones, but I am registered at the other campus

We are temporarily unable to register applications for a student parking permit for all Canterbury students living within the Medway exclusion zone and all Medway students living within the Canterbury exclusion zone in the usual way. You can still apply by downloading and completing section 1 to 3 of the Exceptional Circumstance form.  Once this is completed follow the link for the permit application system and select the Exceptional Circumstance category. Complete the online application and upload the completed Exceptional Circumstance form as a supporting document and select the document type Exclusion Zone Error. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and we hope to rectify the problem as soon as possible.

I am eligible to apply for a student permit, how do I apply?

To apply for a student permit you need to complete the online application form:

  1. Ensure you are fully registered on the Student Database System (SDS) at the time of application and your term time address on the SDS is fully completed with the correct term time address.

  2. Click ‘Apply/Log in to student permit account’ button at the top of this page.

  3. Select the permit category that you are applying for.

  4. Complete the application

  5. Await confirmation that the permit has been issued before parking.

If you are applying for a car share permit you will need to complete the paper application form

On application the student will be required to select the campus that they require the permit to be valid for

  •  Medway only – for students studying at Medway campus
  • Canterbury only – for students studying at Canterbury campus

Students are required to notify the Transport Team if they move address to within the exclusion zone at any time or if they are no longer a student at the university during the time which the permit is valid for.

Periodic checks are carried out to ensure that the information supplied for successful applications is correct and circumstances have not changed. Where the information is found to be incorrect the parking permit will be revoked and appropriate action initiated.

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