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Parking at the University is limited and is operated by a permit system. Any person who brings a vehicle on to the University private land and car parks agrees to abide by the Regulations for the Management of Traffic at the University of Kent for Staff, Students and Other Persons. You must have a registered virtual parking permit or display a parking permit in the windscreen of your vehicle (Mon to Fri, 8am-5pm), and all vehicles must be parked in a marked bay, in accordance with the permit issued.

Parking enforcement is in operation 24hrs. Before applying for a permit to park or parking on University land please ensure you are familiar with the infringements which a Parking Charge Notice may be issued or receive a sanction for non-compliance as per the University Regulations.

Kent Students

Important Information! - Some parking permit prices are increasing from 01 August 2019. Click here for further information.

Parking is very restricted at the Canterbury and Medway campuses. Students residing on campus or within the local exclusion zones are not entitled to park on campus. 

Due to the upgrade of the online parking permit database we are temporarily unable to register applications for a student parking permit for all Canterbury students living within the Medway exclusion zone and all Medway students living within the Canterbury exclusion zone in the usual way.

You can still apply by downloading the Exceptional Circumstance form and completing sections 1 to 3.  Once this is completed follow the link for the permit application system and select the Exceptional Circumstance category. Complete the online application and upload the completed Exceptional Circumstance form as a supporting document and select the document type Exclusion Zone Error.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and we hope to rectify the problem as soon as possible.

Am I eligible to apply for a parking permit? What is the exclusion zone?

Eligible students are:

  • Government Blue Badge Holders.
  • Students who have a medical condition or exceptional circumstance and have been approved (see application processes below).
  • Students living outside the exclusion zone.

There is very restricted parking at the Canterbury and Medway campuses. If you live in the exclusion zone (see postcodes below or Canterbury exclusion zone map), which includes the student residences on campus, you cannot apply for a permit to park.

2017/18 exclusion zone (may be subject to change for 2018/19 academic year)

Canterbury exclusion zone
CT1 1** CT1 2** CT1 3** CT2 7** CT2 8**


Medway exclusion zone
ME1 1** ME4 3** ME4 4** ME4 5** ME4 6**
ME7 1** ME7 2** ME7 4** ME7 5**  

Pharmacy Students at Medway
If you are a registered student at the University of Kent you can apply for a permit below. If you are a registered student at the University of Greenwich you will need to apply for a Greenwich parking permit.

I am eligible, how do I apply for a parking permit?

Applications for 2018/19 are not yet open. As long as you are residing outside of the exclusion zone you will be able to apply for parking permit once you have fully registered (or re-registered) from 15 September 2018.

Students should note that periodic checks are carried out to ensure that the information supplied for successful applications is correct and circumstances have not changed. Where the information is found to be incorrect the parking permit will be revoked and appropriate action initiated.

I am not eligible to park, how do I appeal for a parking permit?

You will need to appeal to the Parking Panel if you have a medical reason or an exceptional circumstance. See relevant application process below.

My registration status on the Student Data System is something other than "registered". Can I still apply for a permit?

If your registration status is "authorised to register" you will need to complete registration before applying for a parking permit.

If you are eligible to park on campus but your registration status is showing as something other than "registered", for example "intermitting", you will need to ask your course supervisor or tutor to email the Transport Team to confirm that you need to park on campus.

How do I change my vehicle?

Log in to the permit system and select “My permits”. Click on the green vehicle icon and select the pen icon to amend your permit. Enter the new vehicle details and press save.

Where can I collect my Park Wood Park & Ride bus pass from?

You can collect your Park Wood Park & Ride bus pass from the Security and Transport Centre. The bus pass is valid for parking permit holders and allows travel between Park Wood and central campus for free. There are also signs in Park Wood which give the walking times back to central campus.



Please see table below to learn about the virtual parking permits available.




Parking zone Permit type Cost**

Blue zone (Canterbury)- only students who are registered at Canterbury and live outside the exclusion zone can apply for this permit.

Blue zone (Medway)- only students who are registered at Medway and live outside the exclusion zone can apply for this permit.


Academic Year (31 July)*

3 months £5
Monthly £4
Daily voucher 50p

Motorcycle bays



Academic Year (31 July)* No charge.
3 months
Daily voucher

Government Blue Badge holders can park in pink and blue zone car parks including accessible bays. Display your Government Blue Badge until your virtual parking permit is valid.


If you require access through the barrier to get closer to the Historic Dockyard buildings, please contact the School or Department that you are attending.


Refer to Canterbury campus parking zone map and Medway campus parking zone map including Mast Pond at Historic Dockyard.


Government Blue Badge


(variable length)

No charge.

*can be extended in July if still needed.

**Pay online when applying for your parking permit. For cash and card pay at the Security and Transport Centre at Canterbury or Medway Finance (Medway building). Daily vouchers can only be purchased and paid for online.

Other permit types

Permit category Parking zones and how to apply Cost*
Health Access permit
  • If you have a medical condition that necessitates the use of a car, please complete the application form and take it to the University Medical Centre (Canterbury students). If you are a Medway student you need to take the form to your local GP and then to the Student Support and Wellbeing manager.
  • The University Medical Centre (Canterbury) or Student Support and Wellbeing Manager (Medway) will review your application and advise the Transport Team as to what type of permit should be issued. We will contact you once a decision has been made.
  • Download Canterbury health access permit appeal application form
  • Download Medway health access permit appeal application form
Variable dependent on permit type agreed and length
Exceptional circumstances permit
  • If you live within the exclusion zone and have an exceptional circumstance that requires you to park on campus, you can appeal to the Parking Panel.
  • The Parking Panel usually meet every 3 weeks. At the start of the academic year this is more frequent.
  • The Parking Panel consists of the Head of Traffic Management and Travel, Head of Security, an elected member of Kent Union, a College Master and a representative from Medway management who will consider your appeal.
  • You must apply online for a Student Exceptional Circumstance permit
  • The application form must be fully completed and uploaded on the permit system with recently dated evidence that demonstrates why public transport is not practical, and if required be supported by a professional. Postgraduate applications will need to be endorsed by the Head of Department.
  • If your appeal means you need to leave lectures early (for example child care committments), we request that each lecturer who would be affected by you leaving early emails to confirm they are happy for you to leave early and how early you are able to leave. This will then be reviewed as supporting evidence as part of your appeal.
  • Please ensure you upload the relevant supporting evidence in accordance with the information given on the application form.
  • Download exceptional circumstance permit appeal application.

*Pay online when applying for your parking permit. For cash and card pay at the Security and Transport Centre at Canterbury or Medway Finance (Medway building). Daily vouchers can only be purchased and paid for online.



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