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Parking on campus

Virtual parking permits

What is a virtual parking permit and how does it work?

The University operates parking for staff and students on a virtual parking permit system. Find out if you are eligible to apply for a parking permit and follow the instructions to apply via the by road webpage.

You will receive an email to confirm your virtual parking permit is valid, once your permit has been accepted and paid for where appropriate.

For daily voucher parking permits, you will need to apply for a daily voucher permit and have this accepted to give you access to purchase the permit the daily vouchers.

What are the benefits of a virtual permit system?

There are many benefits having a virtual parking permit system. Applying for the virtual parking permit is quick and simple, and you can update your vehicle details anytime easily online.

No physical permit needs to be collected or displayed in your vehicle. If you have more than one vehicle on your virtual permit, rather than physically switching a permit between vehicles, you just need to activate the vehicle you are driving that day online.

Parking enforcement is more efficient with our virtual permit system, creating a fairer system for all.

Do I need to display or be registered for a parking permit in the evening and weekends?

You must register your vehicle or display a parking permit Monday- Friday 8.00-17.00. On weekends, bank holidays and weekdays outside of these hours, you do not need to have a valid parking permit.

How will I know when my virtual permit expires?

You will receive an email when your parking permit is due to expire. You can also check the expiry date of your permit online.

How long does my permit last for?

For staff, the annual virtual permit is valid for a full 12 months from date of issue. So if a new staff members applies for a 12 month permit in November 2018, their parking permit will be valid until November 2019.

For students, the annual virtual permit will be valid until 31 July to cover the academic year. If you need to park on campus for longer than this period, contact us near the end of July and we will extend your parking permit at no extra cost.

How do daily voucher permits work?

If you are eligible to park on campus but only do so occasionally, you may be interested in purchasing daily parking vouchers.

See help with daily parking vouchers.

How many vehicles can I have on my virtual parking permit?

Students are able to register one vehicle on their permit.

Staff are able to register up to five vehicles on their permit. You need to choose your main vehicle, and then go online and change this on days that you drive a different vehicle to campus. Log in to the permit system and select “My permits”. Click on the green vehicle icon and select “add vehicle” or “switch vehicle”. “Switch vehicle” means that this vehicle will be the registered to park on campus in accordance with your parking permit.

See FAQ to learn how to easily switch your vehicle.  

How am I charged for a parking permit?

All staff who apply for a 12 or 3 month parking permit pay through salary deductions. The amount of deduction will depend on how you much you earn that month. If you have no earnings for that month, you will not pay a deduction for parking. If your earnings are higher you may pay the next pay bracket up for that month.

Monthly parking permits must be paid for up front either online, or by cash or card. Daily voucher permits must be paid for online.

Students pay online when applying or from the Security and Transport Centre or Medway Finance (Medway building). Please note that any student who purchases a virtual parking permit who is later found to not be eligible will have the virtual permit deactivated and will not receive a refund, as per the Traffic Regulations.

Why do I need to provide contact details and carbon emission data?

We need to have contact details so we can get in touch with you if there is a problem, for example you have left your lights on. Your address is required in case we need to send communications via letter.

Carbon emission data is now needed as part of the parking application process as we are obliged to report this data to the Carbon Trust and HESA report.

What happens if I am found to be using a permit fraudulently?

If you are found to be using a parking permit fraudulently, the permit will be revoked immediately and no refund will be given, as per the Traffic Regulations.

You may also be disciplined by your college master.

What is happening to visitor e-permits, departmental scratch card permits and contractor permits?

We intend to integrate all different types of permit into the new system later this year. This will be a gradual shift so we can work together with different departments and ensure the new processes are efficient.

For now, departmental scratch cards, e-permits and contractor permits will remain the same. For more information on how to arrange these types of permits, visit the by road webpage.


Updating your permit or permit account

How can I easily switch the active vehicle on my parking permit? Why is this necessary?

If you are driving a different vehicle to campus, ensure you change your active vehicle. Only the active vehicle will show on the ANPR system as having a valid permit.

To switch the active vehicle on your permit, login to the permit system, select "my permits" and select the green vehicle icon. If you have two vehicles on your permit record press "switch vehicle". If you have more than two vehicles, untick your vehicle and tick your new active vehicle.

For tips on how to easily switch your vehicle by adding the webpage to your mobile phone (similar to an app), your desktop or internet browser, see our blogpost.

I have a new car or a courtesy/ hire car, how do I update my parking permit?

To add a new or temporary vehicle, log in to the permit system and select “My permits”. If you are a student you will need to remove your current vehicle and replace it with the new or temporary vehicle. If this is for a temporary vehicle, once you are are back to your usual car simply login, remove the temporary vehicle and add your own vehicle back onto your permit.

As staff can have up to five cars on their permit, log in to the permit system and select “My permits”. Add the new or temporary car and make sure it is the active vehicle on your permit if it is the vehicle you are currently using. If this is for a temporary vehicle, once you are back to your usual car simply login, remove the temporary vehicle and ensure you have marked your current vehicle as the active vehicle on your permit.

My contact details are incorrect, how can I change these?

Your contact details are taken from Staff Connect or the Student Data System.

If your details are incorrect please update them on Staff Connect or the Student Data System. After one working day, your details should be updated on the parking permit system. You should then check your details on the parking permit system and you will be asked to save them.

Where are you getting my address from? How can I update my address?

If staff and students choose to apply for a parking permit then the personal data required to administrate the permit is transferred from either the HR system (Staff Connect) or the Student Data System to the parking system. 

This is in accordance with principle 1 and, subsequently, the schedule 2 processing conditions 2(a) [performance of a contract] and 6(1) [legitimate interests] of the Data Protection Act.  All other principles will be adhered to, including taking the appropriate measures to keep the data secure.

How do I change my permit type? (e.g. blue to pink for staff members)

If you are a staff member and you wish to change your permit, for example from a blue zone permit to a pink zone permit, please login to your permit account and apply for a new pink zone permit. Once you have applied email to confirm you have applied for a new permit and wish to cancel your previous permit. We will then process this for you.

How do I renew my parking permit? I am having difficulty renewing (staff)

Staff will be sent individual reminder emails before the expiry of their permit.

To renew your permit follow the link in the email or log in to permit account, select "My permits" and press the green arrow icon. Check and confirm that your details are correct. Once you have done this you will receive an email to confirm that your permit has been renewed.

We are aware that some people are experiencing a blank screen when logging into their permit account. This seems to be an internet browser issue. If this happens please try an alternate internet browser and if the problem persists contact the Transport Team.

If you do not renew your parking permit in time you will receive an email on the day that your permit expires. If you still wish to renew your parking permit after it has expired, you will need to log in and select "Permit application, Apply for a permit" and apply for a new permit. The Transport Team will need to verify the new permit application before it becomes live.


Parking enforcement

How do you enforce virtual parking permits? What is ANPR?

Campus Security enforce virtual parking permits using handheld Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) software. ANPR works by scanning the number plate of a vehicle which links to our parking database, letting Security know if you have a valid permit or not.

This method of enforcement makes it much quicker and easier to issue a Parking Charge Notice to unauthorised and incorrectly parked vehicles, making it fairer for everyone. 

Currently some other persons still have a printed parking permit while we integrate all the different types of permit onto the new system.

What is the difference between a Parking Charge Notice (warning) and a Parking Charge Notice?

A Parking Charge Notice (warning) has no monetary value attached. The warning is advising you that you are in breach of the University Traffic Regulations and that you need to act to avoid receiving a Parking Charge Notice.

A Parking Charge Notice has a monetary value to be paid as you have breached the University's Traffic Regulations. Please note that not all parking contraventions require warnings before a PCN is issued. Please see the parking enforcement webpage for more details.

How can I appeal a Parking Charge Notice?

If you think your PCN has been issued incorrectly or unfairly you follow our appeals process. You can appeal your Parking Charge Notice via the University’s Parking Panel online here, by email ( or in writing. You will need to provide the reason(s) why you are appealing along with any evidence to support your appeal. The Parking Panel will then meet and decide whether the Parking Charge Notice should be waived or upheld.

What happens if I do not pay my PCN?

Parking Charge Notices received from 1 October 2017 that remain unpaid may go to the University’s internal Credit Control team, who will pursue payment on behalf of the University.

While the majority of staff and students on campus park responsibly, some repeatedly park in contravention of the Traffic Regulations, and despite receiving PCNs continue to park incorrectly. We hope the increase in the amount of the PCN and the introduction of Credit Control will act as a deterrent.


General parking queries

Where can I park if the car parks on central campus are full?

Canterbury campus- If the car parks on central campus are full, parking should still be available in other car parks such as Park Wood Courts, Pavilion and Oaks car parks. Please note that Park Wood Courts incudes the parking bays outside the student residences.

If you are parking in Park Wood Courts, you may Park & Ride using the bus pass, which can be collected from the Security and Transport Centre, to travel between Park Wood and central campus for free. There are also signs in Park Wood which give the walking times back to central campus.

Medway campus- If the Pembroke campus car parks are full, parking should still be available in the Mast Pond car park on the Dockyard campus. It takes approximately approximately 10 minutes to walk back to the Pembroke campus.

Where can I collect my Park Wood Park & Ride bus pass from?

You can collect your Park Wood Park & Ride bus pass from the Security and Transport Centre. The bus pass is valid for parking permit holders and allows travel between Park Wood and central campus for free. There are also signs in Park Wood which give the walking times back to central campus.

Are there vehicle electric charging points on campus?

There are currently no electric charging points on campus for personal vehicles. To find the nearest charging point to the campus visit

There are not enough parking bays on campus. Can you create more?

While parking is often busy on campus, there are usually bays still available in Park Wood Courts car parks. You can travel to central campus by foot, or by catching the Unibus using the free Park Wood park and ride ticket. As there will no longer be physical parking permits, if you would like a free Park Wood park & ride ticket please collect one from the Security and Transport Centre.

The University's aim is to not reduce the number of parking bays on campus.

The new parking enforcement system and Automatic Number Plate Recognition on Giles Lane car park will allow the University to operate a more strategic and effective approach to enforcement, to easily identify non permit holders parking when not entitled to do so.



Campus shuttle

Do I need to book a seat to travel on the shuttle?

It is not necessary to book a seat to travel on the shuttle, but booking does guarantee you a seat. If you choose not to book, you can travel on the shuttle by showing your KentOne card as long as there are spaces available.

Can I book a seat on the day of travel?

You cannot book a seat on the day of travel. Booking closes at 23:30 the day before so that The King’s Ferry can give the drivers a list of passengers for the following day.

You can still travel without booking by showing your KentOne card as long as there are spaces available. You can contact the Transport Team on the day to check if there are seats likely to be available.

The shuttle is running late. How can I find out the shuttle’s location or if it has been delayed?

If the shuttle has not turned up, you can always check the @CampusShuttle twitter for service updates. If there is not any information available on twitter, contact the Transport Team

during office hours (Mon-Fri 09.00-17.00), or The King’s Ferry out of office hours and we will advise you of the shuttle’s location.

Please note that the shuttle only runs during term-time.

Can I bring a guest on the shuttle?

The campus shuttle is exclusively available to University of Kent students or staff and so friends or family are unable to use this service. Occasionally we can book a business visitor on the shuttle service if there are seats available at the requested time.

Who classes as a business visitor and how do I book a business visitor onto the shuttle?

A business visitor is someone whose attendance to campus directly assists the University to operate effectively as an academic institution.

If you believe your visitor should be able to use the shuttle, please contact the Transport Team with details of the visit. We need to know the reason for travel, date, time and direction of travel (to Canterbury or to Medway). We will endeavour to book a seat on the shuttle for your visitor if seats are available at the requested time.

Why does the shuttle leave on the hour?

The shuttle journey takes approximately 50 minutes. Currently the shuttle leaves on the hour so that staff and students can get to the other campus and arrive at lectures, meetings or other activities in time for the start of the next hour. We have received some requests to change the departure time to quarter past the hour to make it easier to catch the shuttle after meetings or lectures. However, this would mean that the service may arrive at 5 past the hour and would result in people being late. Feedback given demonstrates that the majority of staff and students would prefer to arrive approximately 10 minutes before their meeting or lecture.



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