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Below you will find links to further information on the course approval process and a course proposal/specification document. Please use these documents to guide you through the process of developing a Study Plus course and preparing a a course proposal/specification:

Study Plus Course Proposal/Specification

Study Plus Course Approval Process

If you need more details of how to get a new Study Plus course set up, please contact us for a meeting so that we can discuss your prospective course, advise you on the process and explain how we calculate the funds we pay to Schools and non-academic Departments for their Study Plus courses.

Here is some information on key aspects of Study Plus for staff:

  • You need not be a teacher based in an academic School in order to offer a Study Plus course. Some of our courses are run by non-academic Departments and Centres.
  • Your School/Department/Centre will receive funds from Study Plus for running a course. The amount of funding paid for each course depends on the number of teaching hours, the number of students attending the course and the grade of the teacher. There are two components to the funding: a one-off set up fee for all new courses, plus a per capita fee which is paid every time the course runs. Funds are paid in the financial year following the academic year in which the course takes place. (Resources such as materials supplied to students on the course are provided by the course provider and recovered from the funds received from Study Plus.)
  • Study Plus offers students a learning opportunity distinct from academic credit. The courses are generally attendance-only, without any summative assessment or formal award. As a result, the approval process will be managed through an initial sign-off process at School or providing unit level, followed by final sign-off by Study Plus to confirm that provision conforms in terms of matters such as basic structure, room availability and balance of curriculum areas.
  • Courses are approved and monitored by Study Plus staff, but any proposed course specification which is submitted must first be signed off by a School DOLT/DOGS and Head/Director of School/Centre, (or Head of Dept, in the case of a non-academic Dept) prior to coming to the Study Plus team for final approval.This is to ensure that the course is supported both academically and in terms of resources within the School/Centre/Dept for the payment of staff and any other associated costs.
  • If an idea for a course is suggested which is not considered a priority by a School, or which is suggested by a suitably qualified individual who is not a current Kent member of academic staff, Study Plus may be able to run this course independently, provided that after consultation with Schools there is no perceived conflict of interest
  • Study Plus courses are given 'KE' module codes and are visible on the Student Data System.
  • Study Plus is administered by the Study Plus staff in the Centre for English and World Languages. We arrange timetabling and take the lead on publcising and reruiting to courses as well as most of the day-to-day administration.
  • The minimum number of students needed in order for a course to run is 5. We will cancel a course if not enough students sign up for it.
  • Teachers will need to record attendance at each session of their course so that we can monitor attendance
  • Provided students meet the minimum attendance rate of 66%, we will provide a certificate to confirm their attendance and the course will appear on their Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)


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