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The Wellbeing Team consists of Wellbeing Advisers, Counsellors and Student Mentors.

The Wellbeing Team offers free support to students experiencing distress arising from psychological, emotional or mental health issues. We are here for you if you are upset, confused or struggling with a problem and you think it might be helpful to discuss things with someone outside your circle of family and friends.

You may be experiencing problems with:

General anxiety

Academic pressure

Adjusting to student life

Low mood, mood swings or depression 

Family and relationships      


Eating difficulties

Loss and bereavement

Panic attacks

Low self-esteem


Suicidal thoughts

Wellbeing Advisers

Wellbeing Advisers are specialist practitioners who can offer mental health advice and support. Wellbeing Advisers will look at how your mental health impacts on your studies and can put reasonable adjustments in place which will assist you.

Outreach Wellbeing Adviser

If you are finding it too difficult to come to our offices, we have an outreach wellbeing adviser who can visit you at a place of your choice on campus, including your campus accommodation.  This would be an informal meeting to offer you support and to explain the different services which may be helpful for you. 


Counselling offers you a safe space to address issues concerning you and can help get thoughts, feelings, behaviour and perspective on life back in balance again. Once you have completed your self-assessment forms, the counselling team works collaboratively with you through our stepped care model; this allows you to access help efficiently and get the most effective support for your specific needs. Our stepped care model can offer single session therapy (designed to address your immediate issues within one session) or brief counselling. For many students, a single session can be all that is needed to get back on track and is supplemented by a follow up session to review how things are going. For those students who require further support, brief counselling (up to 5 sessions) will be offered.

Big White Wall

University of Kent students wherever they are located can access free, 24/7 online support for issues around mental health and wellbeing. The Big White Wall (BWW) is a Care Quality Commission registered service recognised nationally through awards by the NHS and is a safe environment overseen by qualified therapists called Wall Guides. It offers:


  • peer talk therapies where members initiate or join forums on topics ranging from depression and anxiety to relationship issues, work stress, abuse, self-harm and eating disorders
  • peer support and networks where students make ‘friends’ to create a support network as a reference group, source of motivation and a means to improve self-awareness
  • creative therapies employing art and writing therapies where members express themselves on ’bricks’ that are posted to the Big White Wall where they can choose to share and discuss the underlying ‘story’
  • brief counselling providing immediate 24/7 support from Big White Wall Guides who are trained counsellors
  • 24/7 guided groups that are based in therapeutic approaches such as interpersonal therapy and cognitive behaviour therapy

In order to gain access to this service click on the BWW link using your Kent email address to gain access only. As part of the registration process, do not use your KENT account password for this service. Note, you may, upon completion of the registration process change your contact email address to a non-Kent email account. Big White Wall take privacy very seriously. Read their privacy policy for more information.


Wellbeing events

Find out about Wellbeing events taking place this academic year.





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