Student Conduct

Student Conduct

Non-Academic Misconduct

Non-academic misconduct is defined as a behaviour which interferes with activities of functions of the University, with those who work or study at the University, or as an action which otherwise damages the reputation of the University in the community and more widely.    

Low Level Concerns

Low-level concerns can be disputes with your housemates, messy kitchens, requests to move accommodation. All low-level concerns are dealt with by the Student Welfare Team. Please chat to a Student Welfare Officer for support and guidance.    

Report + Support

Report + Support is the University’s confidential reporting tool for students who have experienced Sexual Misconduct and Assault, Stalking, Hate Incidents, Discrimination, Physical Harm and Verbal Abuse, Domestic Abuse, Spiking, or Harassment and Bullying    

Step by Step Guide



You can report any incident of misconduct which occurs on University property or campuses, at a University event, or which impacts on the harmony of the University community.

You can report using the online Student Disciplinary Form, via email to, in person with a Student Conduct and Complaints Officer, or via Report + Support. 


Investigations (Meetings, Evidence, Outcomes)

Meetings: During the investigation, the Student Conduct and Complaints Officer will meet with the Reporting Student, then the Reported Student, and witnesses where necessary. Meeting notes will be taken throughout. All students can be supported during meetings with an Investigating Officer.

Evidence: Documentary evidence such as photographs, copies of social media, emails, etc. may be included in the investigation and shared with the student prior to any formal meeting. Additional parties may be consulted to obtain any evidence required.

Outcomes: Outcomes are decided based on the balance of probabilities. The Investigation Officer will determine whether the evidence indicates a breach in the Student Discipline Procedure. It can be decided that the evidence does not indicate a breach in the Student Discipline Procedure, or that it does indicate a breach, and a sanction or further action is required.                                                       



Students can submit an appeal of the Student Conduct and Complaints Officer’s decision based on specific grounds outlined in the Student Discipline Procedure. The Head of Student Conduct and Complaints or nominee will determine whether the appeal is made on appropriate grounds, and determine whether the appeal is upheld. Where no appropriate grounds are identified, the appeal will be dismissed, and the student will be notified within 28 calendar days.    


Student Disciplinary Panels

The most serious disciplinary issues will be considered by a Student Disciplinary Panel. The Director of Student Services or nominee must agree a Student Disciplinary Panel, and the Head of Student Conduct and Complaints or nominee will act as secretary to the panel. Student Disciplinary Panels will normally take place within 20 working days of the recommendation being agreed by Director of Student Services. The Panel can impose any sanction described in the Student Disciplinary Procedure and is able to issue a financial sanction of up to £500. The outcome of the Student Disciplinary Panel will be provided to the student within 5 working days of the Panel taking place. The outcome can be appealed based on grounds described in the Student Discipline Procedure.    



The Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education (OIA) provides an independent scheme for the review of student complaint or appeal. Once all internal stages of the Student Disciplinary Procedure have been completed, a student will be issued with a Completion of Procedures letter. Students can submit an independent review application to the OIA within 12 months of the issue of the Completion of Procedures letter. More information is available on the OIA’s website.

Discipline Procedure

To view the full student discipline procedure please click on the below link.