In Course Tests

In Course Tests are monitored assessments which help you to prepare for examination environments.

What are ICTs?

In Course Tests (ICTs) are used as a method of assessment under monitored conditions. They are also a chance for you to experience examination procedures at the University prior to your summer exams.​​​​​​​ ICTs are different to mock exams, which are held under full examination conditions.

We understand that this may be the first time that you experience an in person examination setting. Please try not to panic - these are a good chance to help you to prepare for your exams later in the year. Check out the Student Learning Advisory Service's exam preparation and planning page to help you prepare, and if you are struggling with anxiety or stress check out free 24/7 mental health support available to all Kent students. If your mental health concerns feel overwhelming and unmanageable, please make an appointment with a mental health adviser at Student Support and Wellbeing.  

When are ICTs held?

In Course Tests will be held in weeks 19 and 35 for the 2023/24 academic year. These weeks are:

  • Monday 11 to Friday 15 December 2023
  • Tuesday 2 to Friday 5 April 2024

Some Divisions may also hold In Course Tests during other dates and you will be notified if this is the case. In Course Tests led and run by your Divisions may differ from the below (for example, the venue) and your Division will provide you with details. The below guidance refers to In Course Tests run by the Student Record Administration Office.

Where are ICTs held?

Canterbury campus

In order to create an exam environment, In Course Tests are usually held in Sports Halls 2 and 3 (where your main summer exams may also be held).

If you have an Inclusive Learning Plan, you will have a separate, smaller room to meet your needs.

Your academic timetable will detail which room your In Course Test is held in. If you have an Inclusive Learning Plan, your specific room can be found on your timetable. Alternatively, your Division will contact you to confirm your room.

Medway campus

In Course Tests are usually held in the same room (and at the same time) as your normal lecture. Your lecturer will notify you ahead of time if there are any changes.

If you have an Inclusive Learning Plan, you will be notified of your room (which will be in either the Medway or Gillingham building) by the Student Record Administration Office in Medway prior to your ICT.

Rows of tables for In Course Tests in the Sports Hall

What should I expect?

In Course Tests are a less formal method of assessment and the below guidance will differ from your official University exams. Exam guidance will be available before the start of the exam period and will be communicated to you.


You must bring your KentOne student ID card and something to write with. Your Division will specify if you need to bring any other equipment, such as a calculator.

You should arrive 10 minutes before the start of your ICT and wait outside until you are asked to enter the room. You will not be allocated a seat for your In Course Test and will be free to choose where to sit - please make sure to choose a desk already set up with the papers. Where multiple modules are scheduled in the hall simultaneously, zones will be made clear to you and you should sit in the appropriate zone.

Your belongings, such as bags and coats can be left at the back of the room. Please be aware that this may differ in your summer exams.

Phones and smart watches are prohibited. Phones should be switched off, smart watches must be removed and these should be left in your bag/coat or under your desk, as advised by the invigilators.

No food or drink will be allowed with the exception of water in clear water bottles (ie no labels from store bought bottles).


Most In Course Tests will be held in exam conditions which means that there will be silence and communicating in any way is not allowed and would be classed as cheating. You must wait until after you have left the room to speak or interact with any other student.

Papers (test questions and an answer booklet) will be on the desk when you arrive. You must not turn over the paper, nor begin reading/writing until you are instructed to do so. 

You may hear an announcement at the beginning of your In Course Test - please listen carefully to the instructions.

Invigilators will walk around or stand at the front of the room. They will take an attendance list using your ID card - please ensure that you place your ID card on your desk prior to starting, so that you are not disturbed.

If you have any questions, you can ask an invigilator. To get their attention, raise your hand. Invigilators can help you with:

  • Providing paper
  • Providing water
  • Escorting you to the bathroom*

*You will remain under "examination conditions" and should not interact with any other students.

If you finish your test early, you must to remain seated to ensure that you do not disrupt other students. If you would like to leave, you should ask an invigilator. The decision to allow you to leave the room is at their discretion.

A clock will be shown at the front of the room and you will be instructed when you have five minutes left of the test.


When the test finishes, you will be asked to stop writing and ensure that either your name, student number or exam number is on the test paper before you leave. You should leave all of the paperwork on your desk, collect your belongings and leave quietly and promptly.

What happens if I can't get to campus?

If you are struggling to get onto campus to attend your ICT, you should immediately contact your Division who will advise you further.

Please see our guidance on what to do if you are affected by rail strikes.

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