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Screengrab from Spanish Horror film

Miss Muerte / The Diabolical Dr Z (Jesús Franco, 1966)

Spanish Horror Film

Dr Antonio Lázaro-Reboll

This research project had two distinct phases: firstly, archival research at the Spanish Film Institute (funded by the British Academy Small Research Grant Scheme) which enabled Dr Lázaro-Reboll to investigate into three key aspects into the Spanish horror film genre, namely the examination of marketing and distribution material, the collation of material on production and reception, and the viewing of a number of films that are commercially unavailable; secondly, a monograph entitled Spanish Horror Film (Edinburgh University Press, 2012), supported by the AHRC, which is the first critical history of the hitherto neglected area of Spanish horror movies in either English or Spanish. The volume spans five decades of production, marketing and reception from the 1960s to the present. It examines a substantial body of films that have not been systematically studied as a corpus (a total of 181 included in the filmography), including the analysis of source material – promotional material (over 100 press-books) – and film reviews (over 200) held in film and newspaper archives which have been previously unstudied.

Spanish Horror Film is an on-going research interest at the centre of two current projects: an examination of the ways in which ‘Euro-horror’ interlocks with global histories of exploitation, sexploitation or psychotronic cinema (see ), and, a study of the Spanish horror comics scene in relation to contemporary comics books cultures in the US and Europe in the late 1960s and the early 1970s.

In October 2013, to coincide with Halloween, Dr Lázaro-Reboll contribution to a full-day event at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London. For details on the event, please see:

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