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Dr Efrosyni Boutsikas

Lecturer in Archaeology


Office: Cornwallis West CG36


Efrosyni is a classical archaeologist with research interests in Greek ritual, religion, and mythology (especially catasterism myths), ancient astronomy (archaeoastronomy), and religious timekeeping. She undertook her studies at the Universities of Sheffield and Leicester, and joined the Department at Kent in 2009. Her current research focuses on the ways in which the ancient Greeks perceived themselves in the cosmos, and how these perceptions may have been expressed through their use and manipulation of the natural landscape, cult performance, the construction of religious architecture, the temporal and spatial organization of their religious festivals, and the composition of myths.

Efrosyni served as vice-president of the Société Européenne pour l’ Astronomie dans la Culture (SEAC) between 2011-2014 and is currently a member of the council of the International Society for Archaeoastronomy and Astronomy in culture (ISAAC). Her research on the role of astronomical observations in the timing of religious festivals has featured in the Greek national press, in the BBC’s magazine Sky at Night, and in the National Geographic (France).

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Book section
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Boutsikas, E. (2018). Astronomy and Ancient Greek Cult Practice: Religious Architecture, Landscapes, Cosmologies. Cambridge University Press.
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Efrosyni Boutsikas teaches modules on ancient Greek religion and science.

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