Partner Scholarship

Partner Scholarship

The application deadline has been extended to 31 August 2022

The Partner Scholarship extends our support for students from local schools and colleges by rewarding those who will make the most positive contribution to the University community. The scholarship is worth £1,000 for each year of study and will be renewed on an annual basis, subject to satisfactory academic progress.

How many scholarships are available?

Two students from each Partner and UKAT School and three students from each Partner College (including one Access student per college) will be awarded scholarships.

In addition, four scholarships are available to students on the University’s own Access to HE Diploma programme and one scholarship is available to a student from the University Entrance Diploma.

Three facts about the Partner Scholarship:

  1. They do NOT have to be repaid – they are awarded purely on merit.
  2. They are not based on household income and don’t affect your student loan.
  3. You can hold more than one scholarship at a time.

Who is eligible?

You can apply for a partner scholarship if you are currently a student:

You must also be a UK or EU student and have applied to the University of Kent for an undergraduate programme which requires the payment of full fees.

Please note that KMMS students are not eligible for this scholarship.

How to apply

You can apply via KentVision. Your login details will have been sent to you when we acknowledged receipt of your UCAS application. Log in to KentVision and then click ‘My Scholarships and Bursaries’ where you will see links to the scholarships for which you may be eligible. You should check your eligibility and the details of the scholarship before you apply.

If you are applying to The Medway School of Pharmacy you will need to complete the application form. You should email your application to

If you have applied for a deferred place, you should apply for a scholarship in the same application cycle. If you are deferring your place, you will be unable to see the scholarship on your Applicant Portal therefore please email to make them aware you wish to apply but are deferring your place and you will be sent an application form. 

Please make it clear when you apply that you are deferring your place at Kent. Your scholarship application will then be held over until the following year when it will be considered along with other applicants from your school or college who are applying for entry in that year.


When selecting students to nominate for a Partner Scholarship, school and college staff will use the following criteria. Successful students must demonstrate in their application that they:

  • have an interest in studying programmes offered by the University of Kent (i.e. the partner scholarship should not be the determining factor in choosing to study at the University of Kent)
  • ideally have visited the University and/or engaged in preparatory activity offered by the University (to ensure that they have some broad awareness of what to expect as a student at Kent)
  • have applied to the University through the UCAS school or college centre  
  • have made a sustained contribution to their school/college and/or their local community. (It is not a condition of the partner scholarship that, as undergraduates, students will return to their former schools. However it would be advantageous if students progressing into HE were inclined to be involved in such work)
  • are well motivated and engaged with learning
  • are reflective in their learning
  • have a good attendance record.

Applicants must also make a firm acceptance of an offer made to them by the University before 05 June in the year of entry*. Students who have been notified that they will receive a Partner Scholarship must register with the University of Kent within four weeks of the start of that academic year in order to receive the award.

How scholarships will be allocated

Whilst Partner Scholarships will be awarded by the University of Kent, the selection of successful applicants will be undertaken by your school or college, using the selection criteria. Your scholarship statement will be shared with your school/college contact responsible for making this decision if requested.

  • Each school and college will nominate two students and compile a ranked reserve list of up to five additional students on the nomination form
  • In addition, each college will nominate one applicant from their Access to HE Diploma programme and compile a ranked reserve list of up to five additional students.

Application procedure

The application deadline has been extended to 31 August 2022 and the timeline below will be affected accordingly.

Communication about your scholarship application will be made via your KentVision applicant portal. It is important that you check this and your email inbox/spam folders regularly.

Before 14 January


Apply for an undergraduate programme at the University of Kent. 

School staff

Students should apply for an undergraduate programme at the University of Kent. 

Before 1 June


Apply for a scholarship via the KentVision applicant portal.

School staff

The school or college should remind students to apply for the scholarship  

Before 5 June


Make a firm acceptance of your offer from Kent and inform your school/college. Your scholarship personal statement may be shared with the relevant staff member from your school/college, to help them complete the nomination list.

First week of June

School staff

The Headteacher (or designated scholarship contact), advised by relevant staff, will be sent a nomination form to complete in the first week of June.

Before 30 June

School staff

The school contact should rank applicants based on the partner scholarship criteria and return to

Staff may request a copy of application statements from their school/college to help complete the nomination list.

Before 15 September


The outcome of your scholarship application will be confirmed via your applicant portal by 15 September

School staff  

Designated school contact emailed to confirm details of students who received the Partner Scholarship, by 15 September. 


The most frequently asked questions about Partner Scholarships