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Looking for a different scholarship?

How to apply

Step 1

Apply for a PhD at Kent: follow the University of Kent’s online application process and apply to an eligible PhD programme.

As part of the process, students should include the following:

  • explain reasons for study – please indicate that you are interested in the EPSRC scholarship,
  • provide a research proposal,
  • provide details/evidence of qualifications,
  • provide two academic references.

Step 2

Once you have applied through the University of Kent online application portal (KentVision), you must email your Application ID number, your full name and your PhD programme to kentgrc@kent.ac.uk. This step is to confirm that you wish to apply for an EPSRC Scholarship, only those who have emailed their interest will be considered.

Have you already applied to Kent or are you a current Kent PhD student?

If you have already applied or have a deferred offer, or you are a current PhD student at Kent, you do not need to follow Step 1 as we should already have your application on our system. Please contact your supervisor to inform them you wish to be considered for the EPSRC scholarship. You must also email your details to kentgrc@kent.ac.uk.