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As a student at the University of Kent’s Q-Step centre, you have the opportunity to complete a quantitative work placement onsite at an external business or organisation. On placement you will conduct a quantitative research project on an area of importance for your host organisation. Download more information.

5 reasons to complete a placement….


  1. Practice your skills in a real life setting. Placements are a chance to put all the skills you’ve learnt throughout your degree into practice in a live project.
  2. Gain valuable workplace experience. Experience is vital when applying for jobs after graduation, placements boost your CV with evidence of your ability to complete meaningful, useful work in an employment setting.
  3. Experience a new sector. Q-Step have links with a wide range of organisations, and students are also encouraged to find their own placements, allowing to try out a sector or industry that interests you.
  4. Establish contacts. Placements are a chance to get to know people in your industry of interest, making contacts that can be valuable further down the road. Some organisations offer graduate jobs on the basis of successful placements.
  5. Develop confidence. Students returning from placements report a real sense of achievement, and a big boost in confidence.

Placement FAQs for current students

When, and how long, are the placements?

The Q-Step centre runs two types of placements; Summer Placements and In-year Placements.

Summer Placements run during the summer after your second year. You will spend six weeks working at the host organisation. In-year Placements run throughout your third year – you will spend one day a week working at the host organisation during term time. In-year placements function as a 30 credit module (see “Do Placements count toward my credit load / degree mark?”

Am I eligible for a Q-Step placement?

All students studying a Q-Step degree programme (“with quantitative methods” or “with business analytics”) are eligible to take advantage of our placements.

However, the number of placements available varies from year to year, and therefore we cannot guarantee a placement for every student.

Students are encouraged to be pro-active in finding their own placements.

How do I apply?

Eligible students will receive more information about the application process in their lectures and seminars.

Do I get paid?

Summer Placement

In-year Placement

For 2018 the Q-Step centre is offering a number of summer placement stipends, which will provide the equivalent of a full time living wage for the duration of your placement.

The host organisation is expected to pay for your travel costs.

The in-year placement forms part of your university course work (see “Do Placements count toward my credit load” below). Therefore you do not receive a wage or stipend for the work.

The host organisation is expected to pay for your travel costs.


Do placements count towards my credit load / degree mark?

Summer Placement

In-year Placement


Yes. The placement makes up the 30 credit module SO748 The Practice of Quantitative Research, which you complete instead of your final year dissertation.

As part of the module you will be expected to evidence and reflect on your experience through a portfolio of your work, a presentation and an essay.


What support will I receive while I'm on placement?

You will be assigned an academic supervisor who will be able to assist with any academic or technical issues you experience while on placement.

You will also be able to contact the Q-Step centre’s placements officer for assistance with any other issues.










Work placement students



I will be taking a placement in the next academic year at Gingerbread, the charity for single-parent families. I feel really lucky to be able to take part in the placement. I will be helping the charity to answer quantitative research questions, and helping them with the work they do.

Charlotte Louette
BA Criminology with Quantitative Research





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