Enjoy the last pubTALK of the year with a Pint of Science!

21 March 2017

It's the last pubTALK of the academic year already – where has the time gone?!

For April's pubTALK we are excited to be welcoming Dr Michael Mills who will be discussing "Doomsday" prepping and contemporary American politics. As usual, the talk will be held on the first Monday of the month (3rd April) at The Jolly Sailor, Canterbury.

At this pubTALK, we are also excited to be launching the University of Kent's Pint of Science festival! Pint of Science is an international science festival that aims to deliver exciting and relevant research to the general public in an interesting, engaging and approachable way by bringing scientists to the pub and other accessible places. Universities across the world, simultaneously host their events each year in May and covers all aspects of research which are themed under the titles ‘Beautiful Mind’, ‘Atoms to Galaxies’, ‘Our Body’, ‘Planet Earth’, ‘Tech Me Out’ and ‘Our Society’.

This year will be the first time that the University of Kent is participating, so come along to pubTALK on Monday 3rd April (7pm to 9pm) to find out what Pint of Science events will be running and how you can get tickets.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Monday 3rd April – 7pm to 9pm – The Jolly Sailor, Canterbury
Dr Michael Mills

Through Obamageddon and the Trumpocalypse: "Doomsday" Prepping and Contemporary American Politics

The last decade has witnessed a remarkable rise in the number of Americans engaged in so-called "Doomsday" prepping – a co-ordinated set of activities centred on storing food, water, and weapons for the purpose of independently surviving a (potentially apocalyptic) social collapse.

This talk will briefly look at some of the core attractions of prepping for those who engage in it, and will discuss the relationship between prepping's rise and developments in mainstream American politics.

In particular, it will highlight how prepping's rise from 2008 onwards has been affected by wider strains of right-wing alarm at the presidency of Barack Obama, and will speculate about how enthusiasm for prepping is being (and will be) affected by the rise of Donald Trump.



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