Politics and International Relations


Guillermo studied a Bachelor´s degree in Law at Universidad de La Laguna, Tenerife, specialising in Philosophy of Law. His studies gave him an interest in critical thinking and the study of the ideas that shape our world as we know it today. Guillermo studied two MA degress, MA in European Union Law and MA in Advanced Studies in Human Rights at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Both his MA degrees inspired Guillermo to pursue a PhD in order focus on teaching and research. At the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid Guillermo also completed a degree in International Expertise in Indigenous People, Human RIghts and International Cooperation as a personal voyage to comprehend other communities around the world which are often forgotten in the global world we live in, and to understand their worries and needs.

Guillermo came to study in the UK with the idea of experiencing a different educational system and to enrich his research skills with new ideas articulated in an multicultural environment. Before starting his PhD in the UK, Guillermo completed a MA degree in International Relations and developed his expertise in nationalism, nations and identities and then decided to complete his PhD in Comparative Politics to perceive and compare how national identities are articulated in different places and with different characteristics.

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Research Interests

Thesis title: Articulating national identity in the outer periphery-A study of political parties in the centre-periphery perspective.The case of Spain and the regions of Castilla La Mancha/Andalusia/the Canary Islands.


Research interests:

  • nationalism
  • nations
  • construction of borders and boundaries
  • states
  • identities
  • Human Rights
  • Indigenous People and cooperation.
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