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Dr Dardanelli has been a research fellow at Harvard University, the University of Berne, Switzerland, the Centro de Estudios Avanzados en Ciencias Sociales in Madrid, the Institut d’Estudis Autonòmics (now Institut d’Estudis de l’Autogovern) in Barcelona, and the Centro de Estudios Andaluces in Seville, all in Spain, and a visiting professor at the University of Cologne, Germany, and the Autonomous University of Madrid in Spain.

His research explores the causes and consequences of territorial structuring of political systems. Dr Dardanelli’s research has been funded by the ESRC, the British Academy, the Swiss National Science Foundation, the Leverhulme Trust, the Fritz Thyssen Stiftung, the São Paulo Research Foundation,the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, the Forum of Federations, the Institut d’Estudis AutonòmicsPresence Switzerland, and the James Madison Charitable Trust.

He is the lead investigator behind the De/Centralisation Dataset (DcD),  and is the author of Restructuring the European State (McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2017), Between Two Unions: Europeanisation and Scottish Devolution (Manchester University Press, 2005), and articles in European Political Science ReviewPolitical StudiesActa PoliticaSwiss Political Science ReviewParty PoliticsPublius: The Journal of Federalism, and Nations and Nationalism, among others. 

Dr Dardanelli has advised the UK Cabinet Office, the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the House of Commons, the House of Lords, the Scottish Parliament, the City of London Corporation, the Embassy of Switzerland in the UK, Switzerland’s Conference of Cantonal Governments, and has collaborated with the OECD and the Forum of Federations.  

He is currently Chair of IPSA’s research committee on Comparative Federalism and Multilevel Governance (RC28), co-Editor of Routledge’s Studies in Federalism and Decentralization book series, a member of the International Advisory Board of the Swiss Political Science Review, and Kent’s Official Representative on the ECPR.

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Available for: Press Radio TV Electronic media Briefings Reports Dr Dardanelli has advised institutions such as the Cabinet Office, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the House of Commons, the House of Lords, the Scottish Parliament the City of London Corporation, and the Swiss Embassy in the UK. He has also provided expert commentary for a range of international media, including BBC News 24, BBC Radio 4, The Economist, The Times, European Voice, SwissInfo, Rzeczpospolita, South China Morning Post, and Sankei Shinbum, among others. Expertise: State structures (regional and local government, devolution, federalism, secession) Nationalism Democracy   Regional expertise: Western Europe Country expertise: Belgium Italy Spain Switzerland United Kingdom   Languages: French (fluent) Italian (native) Spanish (intermediate)

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Also view these in the Kent Academic Repository

Dardanelli, P. (2017). Restructuring the European State: European Integration and State Reform. [Online]. Montreal, Quebec, Canada: McGill-Queen's University Press. Available at: http://www.mqup.ca/restructuring-the-european-state-products-9780773551527.php?page_id=46&.
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Edited journal
Dardanelli, P. and Kincaid, J. eds. (2019). Dynamic De/Centralization in Federations. Publius: The Journal of Federalism [Online] 49:1-219. Available at: https://academic.oup.com/publius/issue/49/1.
Book section
Dardanelli, P. (2017). Il federalismo svizzero in prospettiva comparata: miti e realtà. In: Mueller, S. and Giudici, A. eds. Il Federalismo Svizzero: Attori, Strutture E Processi. Locarno, Ticino, Switzerland: Armando Dadò, pp. 223-238. Available at: http://www.editore.ch/shopvm/le-sfide-della-svizzera/il-federalismo-svizzero-detail.html.
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Datasets / databases
Dardanelli, P., Kincaid, J., Fenna, A., Kaiser, A., Lecours, A., Singh, A., Mueller, S. and Vogel, S. (2019). De/Centralisation Dataset. [Excel file]. Available at: http://reshare.ukdataservice.ac.uk/853510/.
Dardanelli, P. (2018). Centripetal Democracy - Democratic Legitimacy and Political Identity in Belgium, Switzerland, and the European Union. Publius: The Journal of Federalism [Online] 48:e5-e5. Available at: https://doi.org/10.1093/publius/pjy018.
Dardanelli, P. (2014). Challenging the State: Devolution and the Battle for Partisan Credibility—A Comparison of Belgium, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Regional and Federal Studies [Online] 24:403-404. Available at: http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/13597566.2014.890933.
Dardanelli, P. (2017). De/Centralization. In: Kincaid, J. ed. Research Agenda for Federalism Studies. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.
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Research Interests

Research Interests

  • State structures: de/centralization, federalism, confederalism, devolution, regional government, local government, secession
  • Nationalism: national identity, state and regional nationalism, regional-nationalist parties, language and nationalism
  • Democracy: parties, accountability, legitimacy, multilingual democracy, direct democracy
  • European politics: especially state restructuring

Current projects

  • Why De/Centralisation in Federations?, funded by the Leverhulme Trust and the Swiss National Science Foundation.
  • An Instrument of Centralisation? The Politics of Conditional Grants in Federal States, funded by the British Academy.

Research Supervision

Dr Dardanelli is interested in supervising research in comparative politics, in particular projects related to state structures and their evolution over time. His main regional expertise is Western Europe. Methodologically, he is mainly interested in supervising projects based on a qualitative or a mixed-method approach, especially so if employing methods such as Qualitative Comparative Analysis and Comparative Historical Analysis.   

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