Politics and International Relations

Truth, Accountability or Impunity? Transitional Justice and the Economic Crisis

Professor Neophytos Loizides (with Dr. Iosif Kovras from Queen's University Belfast)

The project aims to build a comparative research programme to investigate how European societies have dealt with issues of truth and accountability in the post-2008 global financial crisis. It will use the framework of transitional justice to understand how political elites deal with the causes of crisis at critical economic junctures. It engages directly with scholarly research and international policymaking. The project will collect empirical evidence to identify policy responses of six European countries (Ireland, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Cyprus, Iceland) to address the causes of the economic crisis. For this part of the project, local researchers will be employed to build a new database and collect primary empirical data from each country. Next, an international conference will set the stage for debates of truth, justice and accountability at critical economic junctures, bringing together academics and policymakers from each country. Finally, the project is international, as it examines how external influences affect domestic policy responses in times of crisis. Hence, a significant part of the fieldwork is dedicated to conducting semi-structured interviews with IMF executives to shed light on the role of external conditionality attached to bailout programs.

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Funding Body: ESRC

Amount awarded: £38,271.51

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