Politics and International Relations

Revisiting Cyprus: The British-Cypriot Diasporas as Peace Agents

Professor Neophytos Loizides

This project aims to explore and analyse the transformative role of the Cypriot diaspora in Britain. It introduces the first collaborative research programme focusing on the Greek and Turkish Cypriot diaspora and proposes a series of activities to study and encourage its positive engagement and inclusion in the current peace talks. An estimated quarter of the Cyprus population lives as diaspora in Britain. These communities engage in activities which insinuate their desire to be involved in homeland politics. Yet, so far, there has been little effort to study diaspora perceptions of conflict or to engage their community organizations into the ongoing peace process. The project’s goals are twofold: a) to provide a theoretically informed analysis as to why diaspora members support or oppose peace initiatives; b) to promote positive engagement of the diaspora through highprofile events involving British and UN policymakers.

Funding Body: British Academy: Newton Advanced Fellowship

Amount awarded: £97,698.00

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