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GCRF RCUK Comprehensive Capacity-building in Eastern Neighbourhood and Central Asia: research integration, impact governance and sustainable communities (COMPASS) ES/P010849/1

Professor Elena Korosteleva (with Dr Siddharth Saxena, Dr Artsiom Nazaranka, Professor Munira Shahidi, Ms Nargiz Ismayilova and Dr Abdumalik Djumanov)

The project selects four complex case-studies: all ODA recipients of varied-level income, facing similar challenges of an autocratic/ineffective governance and outdated/exclusionary education systems which remain the prime contributors to poverty, conflict and stagnation. The project aims to establish ‘regional hubs’ of knowledge production/transfer to facilitate excellence in the three areas: 1) integrated learning and research capacity by way of (i) developing learning synergies; (ii) offering inclusive and equated education including PhD training schools, student conventions, and staff forums; (iii) developing research partnerships and pilot projects to integrate into a wider funding framework 2) higher-impact governance capacity by way of (i) providing executive training to all-level stakeholders; (ii) offering workshops and skills-development opportunities; and (iii) organising high-impact policy forums for outcome dissemination and policy reforms 3) sustainable community capacity by way (i) developing school engagement; (ii) citizen awareness and activism (citizen juries); (iii) town/country talks on core issues and information festivals. Project partners are selected to offer inter-disciplinarity and all-level engagement, reaching out to government, civil service, businesses, local authorities, youth communities and civil society. The principal aim is to institutionalise international partnerships and to mobilise the hubs-of-excellence to serve as nodes for comprehensive capacity-building and its replication across the region.

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Funding Body: ESRC (RCUK GCRF)

Amount awarded: £2,363,738.47

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