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Comparative Politics Seminars

Time: See table below, Wednesday, fortnightly, even weeks
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Week Date Time Location Presenter Title
4 17/10/2018 1-2pm RX11 Andrea den Boer Marriage, kinship, and domestic violence in cross-national perspective
6 31/10/2018 1-2pm RX11 Robert Klemmensen (University of Southern Denmark) Do losers lose more than winners win?
9 21/11/2018 1-2pm RX11 Daniel Belling The political origins of fiscal monitoring
10 28/11/2018 1-2pm RX11 Frank Grundig The impact of climate change conferences on domestic climate change debate - a small-n comparative study
12 12/12/2018 1-2pm RX11 Ana Maria Lobos Democratic legitimacy and punitive attitudes in Chile
14 23/01/2018 1-2pm RX11 Ana Maria Lobos Democratic legitimacy and punitive attitudes in Chile
16 06/02/2019 1-2pm RX11 Jamie Gruffydd-Jones How government repression affects citizens' attitudes towards other ethnic groups
20 06/03/2019 1-2pm RX11 TBC TBC
22 20/03/2019 1-2pm RX11 TBC TBC
24 03/04/2019 1-2pm RX11 Yvonne Hegele (University of Hannover)

Bureaucratic coordination of Brexit in the UK regions

26 15/05/2019 1-2pm RX11 Ben Seyd Public discontent with social and political elites in Britain


Week Date Time Location Presenter Title
4 17/10/2018 1-2pm RX11 Josh Townsley ‘Knock-Knock’: The enduring role of personal contact between local campaigns and voters in Britain
6 01/11/2017 1-2pm Rutherford Rogers room Dee Goddard Entering the men’s domain? Gender and portfolio allocation in European governments
7 08/11/2017 12.30-1.30pm RX11 Ed Morgan-Jones Cabinet replacements and parliamentary accountability
9 22/11/2017 1-2pm Rutherford Rogers room Erik Larsen Punished no matter what? A quasi-experiment on government support in an adverse economy
14 24/01/2018 1-2pm RX12 Ben Seyd Democratic disappointment in a majoritarian setting: What kind of democracy do British citizens want (but feel they are not getting)?
16 07/02/2018 1-2pm Rutherford Rogers room Jack Bridgewater A Comparative Study of Personalization: The Relationship between Age and Leader Evaluations
19 28/02/2018 1-2pm RX12 TBC TBC
21 14/03/2018 1-2pm RS4 Daniel Belling Fiscal Governance, Political Rationales and the Independence of Fiscal Councils: Watchdogs Barking with the Tune?
23 28/03/2018 1-2pm RX12 Robert Nagel Unforgivable acts? Sexual violence and conflict recurrence in civil wars
27 23/05/2018 1-2pm Rutherford Rogers room Dee Goddard The policy implications of the appointment of female ministers


Week Date Time Location Presenter Title
8 16/11/2016 12-1.30 RCl19 Florian Weiler Which interest groups are politically active?
10 30/11/2016 1-2.30 RS5 Edward Morgan-Jones Constitutional rules and citizen evaluations: Do constitutional rules governing early election calling shape perceptions of democratic quality? 
14 25/01/2017 1-2.30 RS5 Ben Seyd Why do people trust (or distrust) government?
16 08/02/2017 No Session No Session No Session No Session
18 22/02/2017 No Session RS5 No Session No Session
20 08/03/2017 12-1.30 RCl19 Ben Baumberg Geiger

The deservingness of disability benefit claimants: a comparative factorial survey experiment

22 22/03/2017 1-2.30pm RS5 Andy Wroe The 'Left Behinds' and the 2016 presidential election: A spatial analysis of Trump's victory
24 05/04/2017 1-2pm RS5 Florian Weiler Vulnerability or Donor Interests? The Allocation of Aid for Climate Change Adaptation



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